Men Tumble Down Utah Cliff, Camera Records Heart-Stopping Fall

VIDEO: Two teens needed to be rescued by a climbing team and helicopter after sliding off a
WATCH Disaster at Utah 'Glacier Slide' Caught on Tape

Two men went tumbling down a Utah cliff and survived, and video of the incredible scene was captured on a camera worn by one of the men.

Devin Pfister, Randall Rees and Aaron Speedy, all 21, went sliding down a steep, snowy cliff near Logan, Utah, last Sunday for what they thought would be a fast and fun ride. For Rees and Speedy, however, the ride on a mountain near Logan Peak quickly went out of control.

Video from the men's GoPro camera recorded their heart-stopping slides.

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“Stop yourself bro,” someone can be heard yelling.

Rees, badly hurt while sliding down on his back, tumbles. There’s the sound of the impact.

Speedy slides out of control, too, going over the 15-foot cliff and landing some distance away from Rees.

The two were badly hurt.

When Pfister reaches Randall, he gives his friend, who appears dazed and with a bleeding face, his shirt to keep him warm.

“I think if he wouldn’t have been there, things would’ve been a lot worse,” Speedy said of Pfister.

Three other friends who were there with Pfister, Rees and Speedy called 911 for help.

“Yeah, there’s like a thing of snow and he slid down the snow and he couldn’t stop,” an unidentified woman tells the 911 operator.

Rees broke his cheekbone and needed 23 stitches to his face and ankle. Speedy had a sprained ankle.

The men were eventually rescued by a climbing team and helicopter early Monday morning after spending most of the night on the mountain.

“I was definitely scared,” said Rees. “I didn’t think I was going to stop so it was pretty frightening.”