Comfort and Joy: Famous Chefs Share Christmas Recipes

Joey Campanaro Christmas

"It won't exactly be the same," Campanaro said. "But I'll definitely put on [an] album … 'Mob Hits' or something like that. I'll put the old Italian songs on, we'll play some Louie Prima, some Frank Sinatra, and my mother will probably smack my brother Michael in his face again."

That last bit is somewhat of a funny dinnertime tradition in the Campanaro family.

"My brother Michael likes to get the attention so he tries in many ways to be charismatic and get the attention and sometimes my mother doesn't always approve," he said. "And he always used to sit to the right of her at the dinner table and that was -- she had her rings on that finger -- so a lot of times … before we sat down and Mikey was feeling a little attention needy, he would say, 'Ma, take your rings off' before we sat down.''

To bring the hearty dishes from home into his restaurant, Little Owl, in New York City, Campanaro said he plans his menus from what's available at the market, dictated by the season -- including the holiday season.

"In December you're not gonna buy asparagus from Chile, so I do the best I can to get things that are local," he said. "But most of the things that I get, if I get them from the green market or if I get a produce market to get it for me, they're getting it from the same place."

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