Nightline Playlist: Michael Bublé

"My first musical memory had to be listening to Bing Crosby's 'White Christmas' record," he said. "Christmas was always a really great time at our house … and I just think that it was so melodic and his voice was so rich and it's actually where I discovered, I guess, jazz, and when I hear it … ;it takes me right back. I look forward one day to recreate the kind of the kind of the feeling I had, you know hopefully, with my kids one day. It was nice for me, setting up the tree and listening to Bing sing 'White Christmas.'"

'The Best Was Yet to Come'

Another song that brings back childhood memories for Bublé is one by Adams.

"As a young kid my mom and dad had gone to see a concert of this guy named Bryan Adams,'" said Bublé. "There was a song called 'The Best Was Yet to Come' … and I always thought it was about a girl who had tried to make it and hadn't and then I realized that it was written about this Canadian girl who became a Playboy model and was murdered. And so it wasn't as romantic as I thought it once was, but it was definitely as touching and as sad and as beautiful."

'Man in the Mirror'

Bublé's feelings about Michael Jackson's classic song "Man in the Mirror"? "Oooh, it's good," he said.

"I like the start where he sings 'I'm gonna make a change' … I like the choir coming in and how big it is."

'I Left My Heart in San Francisco'

Bublé says that he and his grandfather formed a bond over "hockey and music."

"I was really into Tony Bennett," he said.

"I remember [my grandfather] making me mix tapes and me sitting on my father's fishing boat, listening to, you know, 'I Left My Heart in San Francisco' by Tony Bennett," he said. "It's nice for a grandfather and a grandson to be able to have a common ground, you know, to build a relationship on. … And it's a trip now to think that I sat on the bow of that boat and now I, you know, I got to meet my idol and sing with my idol. It's pretty cool."

'You Make Me Feel So Young'

"Another song that was huge for me was off the Frank Sinatra 'Live at the Sands' record and it was 'You Make Me Feel So Young,'" said Bublé.

"It gave you a real sense of what it must have been like to be there, sitting in that room, seeing that magic happen … Francis Albert Sinatra in his prime, you know, his voice just so dulcet and perfect and his time and his phrasing makes you realize even at 13 years old, listening, that you're never gonna be that good. But inspirational at the same time, because you want to be that good. And I think truly magic is the best word to describe how it is to hear that song and how it feels to hear that song."

"I just love music and I don't care who writes it and when it was written," Bublé added. "I'm not snobby about it. I just think a good song is a good song. I don't care if it was written in 1940 by George Gershwin or 2007 by George Michael. If it's good, it's good. And that's about all there is to it."

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