Clinton Says Calls to Drop Out Are 'Just Idle Talk'

"Well, I think I live that every day. I think I'm exemplifying it. I think I'm helping to change people's understanding of the multi-dimensional roles of women. Every time I stand on a stage in front of thousands of people and talk about being the commander-in-chief, that is all about gender," Clinton said. " And I think that people are, you know, really coming to grasp what a significant historical candidacy mine is, not so much about me as it is about what it will mean to our daughters and our sons, what it will mean to our government and our society, and to the rest of the world."

Short-Term Gas Price Relief

As oil prices continue to climb, Clinton explained her support for the gas tax holiday, which would suspend the 18.4-cents-per-gallon federal tax on gasoline during the summer months. Her support comes despite having opposed a similar reduction in the same tax when running for the Senate in 2000.

Obama and others have said that the plan would only save most Americans just $28 over the course of the summer. He opposes the plan.

Clinton called the proposal "short-term relief" and said it could benefit "people who drive long distances for their commute, which a lot of Americans do."

"We look at it and see more of a $70 savings," said Clinton. "Now, maybe for some people that's not very much, but if you're counting every penny, and most people are today, that should be significant."

Clinton said she would only support the plan if it were funded by an "excess profits tax" on oil companies.

"I believe with all my heart we've got to start going after the oil companies to lay the groundwork for what has been my comprehensive long-term solution about what we would do. … And I've got the most comprehensive plan about how we get to higher gas mileage cars and how we begin to push much more on biofuels."

'Massive Retaliation'

On Tuesday night the Iranian government responded to Clinton's assertion that the United States would "totally obliterate" the country if Iran used nuclear weapons to attack Israel. The Iranians called the remarks "provocative, unwarranted and irresponsible."

"Well, that's kind of strange coming from a provocative, irresponsible regime, as we have currently in Iran," Clinton said. "I've been very clear. I would engage in broad-based diplomacy with Iran. I would have done that years ago. I disagree with the Bush administration's policy of isolating Iran, and I would try to get to the negotiating table in as quick a manner as I could.

"But I also believe we have to do everything possible to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. … I want to make it very clear to the leadership and to the people of Iran that acquiring nuclear weapons is not in their interest, and were they ever to be so reckless as to launch an attack against Israel or a nuclear attack against any of our friends and allies, they would face massive retaliation."

Clinton spoke about a number of different policy issues, but also touched on a pressing pop culture topic. Is it actually true that Clinton's dream celebrity date is Abraham Lincoln, as she told "People" Magazine?

"It is pretty dorky," Clinton said. "But, you know, they asked me who I would want to have a date with for dinner, anybody, living or dead. And I assumed it was not a romantic date, because I'm not into that.

"But I thought — well OK, who would I really like to sit down and talk to?"

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