The Two Coreys: America's Original Child Stars

Feldman explained, "I was just heartbroken, because here I was an advocate for 'Just Say No!' and for all sorts of things that were positive and beneficial for children and I thought, 'Man, look what I've done. I've destroyed them.' … And that's really unhealthy. "

"I feel like with myself I ruined myself to the point where I wasn't functional enough to work for anybody, even myself. I wasn't working," said Haim. "You know, if I'm not working, how anybody else can expect me to work for them if I'm not working. I mean physically working. My brain wasn't working."

A&E Presents 'The Two Coreys'

Both Haim and Feldman are now back at work in a new A&E show called "The Two Coreys," which is a mixture of improv comedy and reality TV — such as the moment when Haim cries as Feldman tells him that he will not be offered a part in the sequel to "Lost Boys."

On-screen drama notwithstanding, Feldman and Haim seem to be enjoying working together again.

As they promote their show with the media, however, they find themselves constantly bombarded with questions about Lohan's travails.

"For me it was almost 18 years ago, so 17 years ago, and yet, Lindsay Lohan has a problem and yet my name is brought up in every single newspaper throughout the country connected with it. And it's like come on guys, isn't that old news?" Feldman said.

But they are willing to talk about it because, hey, it gets attention for their show, increasing the odds that they can somehow recapture some of their old fame. And fame, after all, may be the toughest drug of them all to kick.

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