When Restraining Orders Cannot Stop a Killer

"[Giroux] was driving by my parents' house, leaving voicemail messages at my parents' house, calling from his cell phone, sometimes he would block his number sometimes he wouldn't," Mike Bischof said. "He followed her out on the golf course on day, she loved to golf, she was with some friends. He did it all."

Domestic Violence Victim's Detailed Log

Cindy Bischof kept detailed notes of every time Giroux made contact with her. She notified police and the court of each incident.

"Stalked @ Rob Roy Golf Course, Prospect Heights, IL 7/1/07 -- holes 2, 3 around 10a," she wrote in one note to police.

"7/11/07 neighbor sees person resembling Mike on deck at 7:25pm...around 10:30pm...broke flower pots," she wrote in another.

Police patrolled the area, making extra trips to homes where Cindy Bischof stayed, and arrested Giroux several times, but Mike Bischof said there weren't adequate tools to safeguard victims like his sister.

"They were as helpful as they could be to the extent that they had the latitude to be helpful," he said. "We believe that there weren't the tools available to safeguard these victims...it just wasn't part of the arsenal."

Giroux spent 60 days in a psychiatric ward in September 2007.

Cindy Bischof told the Arlington Heights Police Department that Giroux continued to harass and call her for months, even though the order of protection she obtained forbade any contact with her.

But on March 7, 2008, as Bischof was leaving her office, Giroux, lying in wait, shot her in the back and the head. He then turned the gun on himself.

He died almost immediately. Cindy Bischof died later at the hospital.

Student Stabbed to Death Allegedly by Boyfriend

A restraining order also failed Tiana Notice, a 25-year-old master's degree candidate, who was stabbed to death allegedly by her boyfriend on Valentine's Day last year.

Notice had an active restraining order at the time of her death, which she thought would keep her safe. Like Cindy Bischof, she tried to protect herself, setting up a camera outside her apartment, arming herself with pepper spray, and reporting all violations.

She even went to the police station a few hours before she was killed to report additional violations, according to her father, Alvin Notice.

"She was at the police station roughly around 5 p.m. that day," Notice said. "She dropped off some e-mails and she also had a letter that was dropped off at her apartment the previous day...She made a note in her log that the police said they would arrest him that night. And [it]...never happened."

Women Sues Police for Negligence

Police in Jonesville, N.C., were sued by Vernetta Cockerham. She said she was a constant presence at the police station because her estranged husband kept violating the restraining order.

Today, she bears the emotional and physical scars of her husband's final attack.

"He threatened to kill me. He met me in the parking lot and said he was going to kill me," Cockerham said. She said he dug a grave across the street from her house and told her that's where he was going to bury her. "I would walk out the door and he would be outside, digging with this wheelbarrow. It would be 2 a.m. or 3a.m. and he would be digging."

After eight months of terror, Cockerham escaped death, but her 18-year-old daughter Candice did not.

Candice was going to see a military recruiter and she went back to the family's home to pick up a document.

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