Scientology Leader Gave ABC First-Ever Interview


Miscavige: …is when one of these critics brings this up and your reporter doesn't mention the fact that they are suing, or the fact that they were removed-- And I've shown deposition testimony. You see, it's out of the realm of what I'm saying, the fact that another man wanted to kidnap Scientologists, and I showed the documents to your reporter, and he doesn't put them in. My complaint isn't that the people said them. My complaint is that the reporter didn't give the motive, and he should have. He had it available to him and did not show it, it makes it seem like these people are objective. You want to go around and check out the controversy it's created in the media because, Ted, like I said at the beginning of the show, there are 100,000 Scientologists for every one detractor, and when you just show those people, well, they've picked up the lines, they're coordinated, they find all little buttons to press and they all say the same ones, and they're frightened. They're on the show. I spoke to Roxanne Friend over Christmas. I feel sorry for her, but you know what she said to me, Ted? She asked me at the end of our conversation, "Dave, please tell me, is it ever possible for me to come back to Scientology?" That's the real story, and that isn't on there.

Koppel: For every minute that we've spent in the report at the beginning, we have spent roughly five minutes now with you and me talking. I mean, you are, after all-- We've gone almost an hour and a half--


Miscavige: Very well, and I appreciate it. That's right.

Koppel: Aren't you capable of responding? I mean, you keep saying, "Why don't you go talk to the Scientologists?" You're the head Scientologist. I'm--

Miscavige: Well, you have to understand this, if you want to understand what benefits people in Scientology, I can give you my own personal thing, but what I am not going to do here is tell you-- I am not going to make claims for other people. What I'm telling you is the best evidence is the successes of Scientology. Do you want to hear about mine?

Koppel: Sure.

Miscavige: I came to Scientology, I was a young man, I had an acute case of asthma. I had been to doctor after doctor. Nothing could cure it. My father heard of Dianetics and Scientology, took me to an individual. I was with him for an hour. I used exactly what anybody can read in "Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health." That asthma disappeared for three years. I say three years because I'm not going to tell you it went away forever. After that, it came up again and I dealt with it, and I don't have it now. I do five miles a day. I just don't have that. Is that the greatest thing it's done for me? No, but at that point I certainly knew-- I certainly knew it was something beneficial. I knew it. It's a personal story. What it has done for me since then is just fabulous, but that is my own personal story. That is what the story is of Scientology. The successes are endless, Ted. You see, we talk about these. And that's why I was concerned about such an intro piece. The story -- 100,000 people off drugs -- that's help, that's good, I can give you these statistics.

Koppel: You were talking before about Narconon, right? Narconon operated in Oklahoma, correct? The state of Oklahoma said, illegitimate group, tossed you out.

Miscavige: Well, there you go, now we're going to bring up a new allegation. The state of Oklahoma--

Koppel: Well, isn't it true?

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