The Man Behind 'The Office's' Favorite Suck-Up, Dwight Schrute

Wilson's religion is also a little different. He is a member of the Bahaii faith, a religion founded in Iran 150 years ago that teaches that there is only one god and that all the great religious prophets from Jesus and Mohammed to Buddha and Krishna all preached the same message of unity and peace.

As part of his religious practice, Wilson doesn't drink alcohol.

"Bahaiis don't drink alcohol or do drugs because they feel that they get in the way of your spiritual journey, " he said. "But in the Bahaii faith there's not really a concept of sin either. There's not a hell. You're not really a bad person if you drink or do drugs."

In the past year as the cult of Dwight has grown — there's even a Dwight bobblehead doll — Wilson has turned geek to cool. He even hosted NBC's "Saturday Night Live."

In the upcoming movie "The Rocker," he plays lead drummer in a rock band, a part for which he learned to play the drums pretty well. Banging it out in his garage one afternoon he declared, "I'm cool dude. I'm cool baby. Yes, I'm no longer the geek."

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