Transcript: ABC News' Terry Moran Interviews Pastor Terry Jones


Jones: Well to me, it tells me we've lost, that we've lost the battle. Christianity has lost their guts, they're not willing to stand up. Jesus himself said i am the only way, Jesus was not some kind of a liberal hippie that roamed around, roamed around on the earth, Christianity is not open minded. Jesus said i am the only way. And when we do acts like that we have left the bible, those people are not Christians, those men of God do not represent Jesus Christ. the bible is very very clear and with those actions we have completely watered down the gospel. We have tried to make the gospel acceptable to mankind, we have tried to fit the Gospel into our society, make it look attractive, make it look good, that's why we have so much become a better me and we have god wants you to have a better car and a bigger house. there's nothing wrong with prosperity but we have watered down the Gospel. that is not the only Gospel . the Gospel is Jesus Christ is the only way. that is it. he is the risen crucified savour and the church has even lost that. i was shocked as we even preached the gospel just that. Jesus is the only way. people are mad. people are upset. that's just the very basic of Christianity.

Moran: Isn't Christianity stronger than stooping to this kind of publicity stunt

Jones: Like I said, for us it is definitely not a publicity stunt. Because it could possibly cost us our lives. We have had over a hundred death threats. Some of them have been very graphic. Saying they will definitely kill us on 9-11. A letter was sent to the local newspaper here, saying that three people on way here, they were armed with automatic weapons and explosives and they were going to blow us up and they were going to burn me alive. we have put ourselves in danger. of course our families in danger. whether people agree with us or not we are convinced this is the right thing to do. We're definitely convinced this message needs to be this strong for this time.

Moran: You've put neighbors here in danger as well in the Gainesville community. how do you feel about that?

Jones: I think that is a possibility. of course, it's just like the comments that the general made or a comment there. we are very concerned about that we are very moved by that. we hope and pray nothing happens to them and nothing happens to us. but then again we feel we cannot back off of the truth because i could get hurt. because they could get hurt. we feel that strongly about it. We feel this message needs to be spoken and has to spoken. people have throughout history given their life for the truth.

Moran: Now, authorities have tried to stop you from doing this, they've denied you a permit to have an open fire and have you had conversations with local and national authorities about this.

Jones: like you said, the city of Gainesville has denied our burn permit. we requested it again, they denied it again, we have consulted a 1st amendment lawyer, he is of the opinion they have violated our first amendment rights, the example he used was the same, the same rights that were violated in the civil rights movement, when Martin Luther King tried to get permit to protest and they denied him. so we will still continue on. as you mentioned, we have met with the FBI, we have met with the police department and on September 11 the FBI and the police will be here.

Moran: And what do they tell you? they tell you don't do this?

Jones: They urged us not to do it. yes that's correct

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