End It Like Beckham: Soccer Star Leaving LA Galaxy

British soccer player David Beckham talks to ESPN's Julie Foudy about family, career and what's next
2:53 | 11/30/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for End It Like Beckham: Soccer Star Leaving LA Galaxy
It was just six years ago that British soccer star David Beckham made the bombshell move stateside helping ignite. -- sharp uptick in American interest in his sport. Well this week he announced he'll be leaving the LA galaxy but he's not hanging up his legendary cleats for good. Our sister networks ESPN's resident soccer star Julie found he brings us this Nightline interview. First -- did you ever have those moments. Wouldn't let my dealing here it and make the right decision when I first arrived I was excited when I first played -- first -- -- -- -- -- -- Is this is going to be tough on news it coming it was it was going to be a challenge. I ended it was going to be a challenge thousand an Angel and -- the -- us that it's. Full all the US soil in the month in Austin in front of causes that the press that was here on the first thing and I arrived in London on that my teammates. Make the right to -- Mr. David back. There have been efforts press conference from trying desperately. To face hunger hints at a football the most important thing he's my family. The second thing is the -- -- the -- How did he sit some -- I'm -- Still revert back to coordinate -- -- is to me peaceful -- We also having a young up and -- on the team a guy named David Beckham. He is tough. -- in fact it is a rare man. Who can be that tough on the field and also have his own line of -- -- work. How did the decision to move on go over with. With Victoria and the kids my -- Mason do you understand it you've been -- this -- for many years the -- hawks always goes through. You know difficult times because we're a ways away MOY -- working life and I love she's working mom she's the most amazing moment it's that children she's a -- working. Tonight I know you've you've been quiet on on what's next but what area of the world -- as you the most the plan. Hi OC don't -- -- in feel very. On that. 7 NEWS Odom still having the top clubs of coming in and -- -- So to me is kind of it's kind of amazed me that came in six years ago. I said now is committed to be an ambassador for this game and obviously. For this country is for around the world and that -- -- change.

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{"id":17843724,"title":"End It Like Beckham: Soccer Star Leaving LA Galaxy","duration":"2:53","description":"British soccer player David Beckham talks to ESPN's Julie Foudy about family, career and what's next","url":"/Nightline/video/end-beckham-soccer-star-leaving-la-galaxy-17843724","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}