Feed Frenzy: Is Kanye West Avoiding the Delivery Room?

"Nightline" offers a wrap of the hottest stories trending today.
1:46 | 06/07/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Feed Frenzy: Is Kanye West Avoiding the Delivery Room?
Now we turn to some of the buzz these stories of the day in tonight's edition of feed frenzy. Delivery -- No show Kim Kardashian she ends entourage could be minus one and today she gives -- -- baby girl. Are some reports her boyfriend rapper Kanye West will not be in the delivery room when -- give birth of their first child reported late. It's the sight of blood it makes you queasy. He is expected to be in the hospital the -- The reality star give birth next month. Too hot for TV Pamela Anderson remember her she's back in the spotlight but not for that red hot swimsuit -- the sport -- the beach debate watch. Instead the actors is featured in a new ad for the Australian based site called crazy domains. In this ad which is now they ended the UK. Anderson and a coworker -- wearing gold -- as cream is thrown around. Viewers complained he had objected prize win. Real life hangover it's a scene right out of the hit movie that hangover but for LA based attorney Robert -- His party didn't have a Hollywood movie ended after a -- party and Kevin was slapped with a criminal complaint for damages caused -- 5800. Square foot room with an encore hotel. In Las Vegas and -- The police report says Herman was drunk when he destroyed floors braves chairs and other -- -- inside his high roller suite. Kevin was later booked and charged with injury to property of another Las Vegas review journal -- reported impairments lawyers. Are blaming a third party for the damages.

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{"id":19345137,"title":"Feed Frenzy: Is Kanye West Avoiding the Delivery Room?","duration":"1:46","description":"\"Nightline\" offers a wrap of the hottest stories trending today. ","url":"/Nightline/video/feed-frenzy-kanye-west-avoiding-delivery-room-19345137","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}