Jennifer Aniston on Playing a Stripper, Diet and Rumors

"We're the Millers" actress discusses taking on the new role and dealing with the tabloids.
5:21 | 08/08/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jennifer Aniston on Playing a Stripper, Diet and Rumors
There may be no celebrity on the planet whose personal life has been dissected is thoroughly and often inaccurately is Jennifer Aniston's think about it. What is the last time you past a newsstand without she's pregnant headline. So many Americans invested not just in her professional life but also in the personal -- That is often played out in the most public of forums. ABC's -- -- -- sat down with Jennifer to talk about her new racy role her secret to happiness. And how she deals -- all that attention in tonight's Nightline interview. This is Jennifer Aniston. Like you've never seen her before what do you want. College like this and we'll -- we can make and -- In Jennifer Aniston's latest movie where the -- America's wholesome girl next door -- three C. Drug dealing with the sort of been so deeply the birth stripper I'm not funny you Fareed -- -- you. -- support from the beginning you know I said yes thinking -- when that just be great to do it placed on their -- stripper. At least not in film up -- -- and then this panic sets in about three weeks before two weeks for one week before the actual day of shooting. For nearly a decade Jennifer Aniston has played the role of America's sweetheart. On screen. Aunt in real life. -- happened to our hearts was carved out of our sympathy for her famous. Public and very painful split from real life Hollywood husband Brad Pitt. And just like that she was cast as a victim until the actress who seemed destined to be more bridesmaid then -- I wonder though how much the burden it is to know that so many people are still invest it in your happiness whether or not you have children whether or not you get married how do you find peace with all of that around you what is -- that defines happiness for an individual you know it's different for every person. So I think it's a lot of projection to be quite honest and I'm so content and so happy where I am and knowing that whatever is going to be will be -- of course. Has dominated the the covers of magazines predicting. Listed as one of the most intriguing. Chosen as one of the most beautiful. Voted into the top 100 sexiest and -- her way to the top of the Forbes list. But it's clear that tabloid fodder about everything from possible pregnancies to potential wedding days is still a source of stress for the actress. And in the grocery store yesterday. I was laughing you're literally covered yes your pregnant again what is it like -- to be the focus. Of so many rumors and and sell more magazines. Than just about any other star. I'm not a fan of and it's not anything -- get comfortable in order I mean it's not like I wanna get comfortable that the center of tabloid fodder is not it. But -- it's pretty -- that I ever had. Her boat just in the -- popped the question a year ago and now Aniston really does seem to have it all she's one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood. Yeah David and -- -- Miller here. In her latest film we're the -- her character rose decides -- -- as a normal housewife to help Jason Sudeikis smuggle drugs over the Mexican. This -- Is our little -- Yeah. A little French bella. All of -- on what was it like to create this this -- family trio. Honestly it was really fun because we kind of gotten -- sort of walk the line is you know we'll -- -- some and then just turn to the dark side white she's just a cheap stripped. -- can prove it. It's respect that your mother's how many hours today you have to work one it was just one hour but it was six days a week -- your forties. Has there been a best age for you physically and mentally is it now -- A 100% I just feel great -- much better shape feel better than I ever did my twenties for sheer. Yeah. This comedy is steeped in irony mixing racy scenes -- family drama. -- -- How did it make you think about what family means to you. In this point person -- what family means to me is -- I've chosen ends might my friends. And my partner are -- really -- family. In a world of instant -- Privacy is wishful thinking but Aniston is holding onto what she has left refusing to join Twitter what kind of between -- -- Act act act act. -- just -- every false -- What's the dumbest questions with us yesterday -- -- -- -- have a child one -- -- how many kids do I want. And then to I want a boy or girl -- -- -- -- -- -- place orders it's clear the constant speculation over Aniston's every move has left America's -- somewhat soured on the price of stardom. For Nightline I'm -- -- in New York.

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{"id":19900754,"title":"Jennifer Aniston on Playing a Stripper, Diet and Rumors","duration":"5:21","description":"\"We're the Millers\" actress discusses taking on the new role and dealing with the tabloids.","url":"/Nightline/video/jennifer-aniston-playing-stripper-diet-rumors-19900754","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}