Will Jesse Friedman Be Exonerated, 25 Years Later?

Part 2: Convicted child molester finds out if a new prosecutor's report will prove his innocence.
3:00 | 08/08/13

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Transcript for Will Jesse Friedman Be Exonerated, 25 Years Later?
Three years after the US Court of Appeals -- the Nasser county district attorney to reexamine Jesse Friedman's conviction. It looks -- if the DA is about to reveal the findings. Friedman believes he will finally be exonerated. And on the day he'll get that call -- -- back with them for the first time to his family home. The -- police say was the scene. Of the crime. But was a lesson on the. Point five and half years ago this morning. Since corn being -- Is -- Over Jesse Friedman spent thirteen years in prison for sexually abusing fourteen young boy. And -- pled guilty at the time he says it wasn't true. It's so sorry. We've asked him back to what prosecutors say is the scene of the crime -- the house he -- often and looks smaller. For rental and feel through this law is -- -- this is the rent. We were eager to see if the room seem large enough for the kind of sex games police and prosecutors say took place here there would have been. Three cables you are -- then there. Here that has then back to back although there is bathroom and a small bedroom just off what used to be the classroom. When many of the students said much of the abuse occurred. Though Jesse insist nothing inappropriate ever happened here country feel to us. -- in this room has defined your life and some anyway -- this -- has been. In plant -- had been an idea. That never existed it. That system to the list. Death has never been to her husband's childhood home or seen this room. Perfectly happy having children. Permanent. But that is certainly not -- the Nassau DA sees things. The day we visit the house the long anticipated report commissioned by the DA is released. But instead of the eggs on ration Jesse Friedman had been hoping for. The report is a scathing endorsement of his conviction. Including a body blow to the new material film directed to recchi brought forward. Jesse and his wife get the news from his lawyer over the phone to report -- and jet -- Their hope shattered. A few hours later Jesse and his team get a copy of the 155. Page report. Which throws out the weekend to -- NG to recchi had sent to the DEA. The election we can't -- evidence was found to be either overstated. Not reliable. Are unable to be substantiated. Not only that the report claims new evidence of Jesse's guilt. The review team discovered signed and sworn statements from three additional boys who gave detailed accounts of sodomy and sexual abuse. Committed against them by Jesse Friedman. -- -- The report also raised questions about Jesse Friedman state of mind. Citing a doctor hired 25 years ago by his own defense lawyer to evaluate him. Who noted his psychopathic. Personality. Narcissus -- an inability to distinguish right from wrong. Even more troubling a statement by Jesse's uncle Howard. His father's brother who told prosecutors that he knew Jessie was guilty. Jesse is guilty and you weren't asked -- -- -- no he says. Because Arnold told me. The report is filled with nothing apply none of which shakes the confidence of Jesse or his teen a case in point they say this recent letter from former accuser -- ago. And it goes specifically and categorically stated. He had no idea -- that day is attributed to get. One of the complaints none of the allegations made by. Ever him. You can't say that this was not a -- -- this was the clearest possible. And what Jesse's uncle statement who claims his now dead brother confessed to him and said Jesse too was guilty. Is were counting something that allegedly. -- -- who by all accounts it was -- Allegedly. Said -- can't. That's not admissible evidence you can -- room on this. The entire case hinged on the testimony -- the suppose -- statements of predominately eight year old kids. There was no physical evidence. There was no medical evidence -- to backers of bestselling author and expert in the area of child exploitation and security -- to go to reporter Medicaid's. He says he believes the case was fatally tainted by the way police interviewed the children when you see the nature of how the interviews were done. You begin to understand that you could get an eight year old kid. To admit he killed Kennedy. Some of them -- visited fifteen times by the -- one of them had a seven hour interview. In adult terms that would be called abuse or torture. Rebecca says even the district attorney's report acknowledges the police used unprofessional. Unfair and -- tactics and interviewing the child witnesses. Including telling boys that they would become homosexual. If they didn't say they were abused. Techniques which would not be permitted today. The prosecutors are convinced they sent a guilty man to prison. While Jesse Friedman passionately denies that -- -- He says what he really wants is the day in court he never happen. The chance to go to trial and let a jury decide what is justice. -- An -- -- So. -- -- -- lawyers filed new material with the New York court yesterday. The Nassau County district attorney declined our repeated requests for an interview.

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{"id":19911820,"title":"Will Jesse Friedman Be Exonerated, 25 Years Later?","duration":"3:00","description":"Part 2: Convicted child molester finds out if a new prosecutor's report will prove his innocence. ","url":"/Nightline/video/jesse-friedman-exonerated-25-years-19911820","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}