Memorial Day: Remembering the Fallen

A tribute to those who died in service and those who continue to fight for our country.
1:17 | 05/27/14

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Transcript for Memorial Day: Remembering the Fallen
Throughout the day across the country a wave of patriotism. Remembering those who served and those we've lost. Countless communities parading in honor of our nation's veterans, paying tribute to those who returned home safely and those who did not. In Arizona Raymond Murphy remembering her husband William, who served in world war ii. And in Fort Worth, Texas a 7-year-old cub scout placing flowers, moving his grandfather to tears. It meant that he cared. About so many people giving their lives for our country. Reporter: That grandfather, a Vietnam vet. At Arlington national cemetery, remembering those who've fall nen more modern wars. This former army sergeant, Anthony brown, remembering his best friend, sergeant Scott Kirkpatrick. They fought together in Iraq. In New Jersey a mother honoring her son, Ryan ianelli, who served in Afghanistan. Even on the field, in Atlanta today, braves players standing side by side with current men and women in uniform. And across the nation children paying respects and giving thanks.

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{"id":23877433,"title":"Memorial Day: Remembering the Fallen","duration":"1:17","description":"A tribute to those who died in service and those who continue to fight for our country.","url":"/Nightline/video/memorial-day-remembering-fallen-23877433","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}