'NY Med': Dr. Oz Races to Save Heart Patient

New installment of ABC's medical docu-series follows the famed heart surgeon's tough cases.
5:52 | 06/26/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'NY Med': Dr. Oz Races to Save Heart Patient
A young actor with big dreams arrives at the emergency room suffering from chest pains. Only to find himself in the fight for his life. Tonight, we're taking you inside a real-life drama in one of the busiest hospitals in America where Dr. Oz was on duty that night. With only minutes to save his patients. It was all captured on camera for ABC's series "New York med." How are you doing? Thank you. Reporter: When Dr. Oz isn't hosting his popular talk show, here's here at New York presbyterian hospital, doing the job that helps make him a household name. As one of the leadinggw surgeons in the nation. Cardiac surgeons spend most of the time in the ñ O.R. But sometime lgs we go to the E.R. To see folks with heart issues. This is a fie that has a genetic tissue disorder. What brings you here today? I have to have heart surgery. They have to fix my aorta, the top part of it, because I have an aneurysm. Reporter: Juan is an actor and he's worried about his condition, since his father died from the same disorder at a young age. Dr. Oz is by his side, as his condition deteriorates quickly. Ouch. I can't breathe. You don't understand. Is the page you had before? No, it's in my back and it Hu Hu hurts. Oh, my god. Have you had this pain before? No. This is a different pain? Yes. I don't want to die. I don't want you to die either. That's not going to happen. They're bringing you some morphine. It will take a few seconds to work. He's had a bad heart his whole life because of his genetic disorder. But this sudden pain is an emergency. Here's the morphine. Oh, my god! He's extending a tear that he had from his aorta. And he feels cold. That's the worst thing, because they're dying. You have to get here like now. Hello. This is Dr. Oz, how are you? It's your mom. Mom, you need to get here now. Mom, this is no joke. You have to get here now. Mom! I'm putting the oxygen on his face. It's hard to talk. He will has an aneurysm. We think it may have torn. So he's got pain consistent with that. Reporter: Dr. Oz orders a cat span to be performed immediately. He tore right there. All that agonizing page was his aorta being sheered in 456. I'm worried his vital organs aren't getting enough blood. If true, he's going to need emergency surgery now or he'll die. He's dissected all the way down. All right. I'm going to come to 21. My colleague is one of the best in the world at repairing these. He's going to hook at the scan and see if his vitals are getting enough blood. You tore the aorto. My dad died the same way. He was 21. You never knew him, obvious hi. I want to be a dad. I want to be healthy enough to raise a child. We have to determine if his organs are getting the blood they need. We're going to track it all the way back. It just stops at the kidneys. People describe it as a knife in the center of your back and ripping straight down. He just looks at a guy in the most pain. I'm Dr. Stewart. Nice to meet you. I'm going to feel your pulses in your legs. Pretty good here. Feels pretty good here. Good news for you. All the vital organs are getting blood flow. You're going to need emergency surgery. All right. You guys work wonders here. Thanks so much. It's a relief. Reporter: After his blood pressure stabilizes, Juan goes back home to Arizona and receives four surgeries to fix his cardiac issues. Ten months has later, he returns and visits Dr. Oz. He's back to visit me. I was about ten months ago, so it's been a lot. I've had a couple surgeries, but everything worked out. I'm going pack to mill acting career. It's going to be fun. There he is. Thank you so much. You survived. Yes, I did. A very different you. Yes, it is. I appreciate it. I was so worried. '9"'s so rare in our lives when you see that kind of trauma happen and the person survive. You learn to appreciate life. Live it as simple as possible. Thank you so much. He appreciated the gift of life more than most of us, because he's faced head-on the possibility he could have lost it all. I'm happy. Good times, good times. To see more of surgeon oz, don't miss "New York med" tomorrow night at 10:00 P.M. Eastern.

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{"id":24311669,"title":"'NY Med': Dr. Oz Races to Save Heart Patient","duration":"5:52","description":"New installment of ABC's medical docu-series follows the famed heart surgeon's tough cases.","url":"/Nightline/video/ny-med-dr-oz-races-save-heart-patient-24311669","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}