Vacation Planning Online: What You See Isn't Always What You Get

Part 2: Expert tips when planning a vacation online.
7:56 | 06/12/13

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Transcript for Vacation Planning Online: What You See Isn't Always What You Get
-- -- -- -- My -- and I are on vacation in beautiful -- -- by -- We've already had a few setbacks. The search for activities and the beach -- -- -- those guys. And -- restaurant did not -- Don't you can but -- final. -- came on -- three. It didn't bump on the not a -- Well. Billion and you know -- didn't advance. 00 my god. So this is true we will pay is bad -- its stated to the left to bear that he didn't think that -- but it. -- we affectionately called her. For stuff. And with that it was time ago our original list of all inclusive features -- -- Caribbean. -- looked like an abstract -- -- Sure you check out the new homeowner who read the information was outdated but I'm your website you CDS -- not -- -- US. Your -- small kayaking snorkeling -- include -- Conversation the Christmas. Has remove those nonexistent restaurants and nonexistent swim -- bars from their web site. They apologize for the inconvenience and invited us back for -- -- -- Keep Caribbean and apologized as well and tweak the way they described the -- self. Even encouraged dad to give us the three time -- nice. The hotel and read. But check out the chief Caribbean invoice we got. There's actually a disclaimer saying they are not have a hook for inaccurate information on -- site. Still as we check out of the crystal to find a different place Tuesday. Did in despair because we brought another person on our trip our secret weapon. Jennifer Garfinkel. Jenna is -- editor for oyster dot com a site that specializes in declined recovery hotel marketing trend. That luxurious -- beach we better get out their early. This romantic -- intimate wedding watch out for tiny nice. Check -- a department store mysteriously. -- years. And here Howard nation's capital magically moving into this hotels backyard. Police calls it -- photo -- out. You know it's your -- -- is Clinton really find a marketing photos that doesn't quite match up to the reality when we cry. So we'll have our real photo next to the marketing -- And there's always a discrepancy there. Jennifer took -- around to show us what to. Stop the hotel Pellicano is -- and beach resort. She starts with the roof. Where she immediately whips out her camera and shoots. Well every -- no item is too small. To inaccessible. Or to -- But we are excited -- from you know snacks and granted three. And we'll be back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I really didn't rule areas and say they don't mind sitting by the holding up the night life. Calling yourself a Granby -- The police haven't you try and -- Two -- who missed him when you're looking at photos seem suspicious about what they're not -- -- so it says it's a beach resort and see if there are. Beach photos of their RN yeah they're probably every don't tell admitted later that they -- Grand beach was in fact anything but grand. Because they had been swept away by her -- Ten years ago. Jennifer brought our team to last. -- nest their online market. But upon closer inspection. Jennifer was -- His own words we'll bring. -- -- And this is her biggest right. Oyster calls -- big technicolor fact -- -- only to grab photos receive an extra boost their brightness. The folks that come just told us their web designer -- indeed use special cameras. And that they were hoping to replace the shots soon cost permitting. Straight losing green and pink and everything's -- -- -- need to kind of take a step back and realize that it's not going to be. What about right Winger Ryan. On our final stop we looked into one at least here's -- -- race. It's sexy lady. She -- of -- make up. -- -- she is renowned in Montego Bay. So I like to see if I can track her down here at last homeless by the seat. -- she was featured on their web site. -- this week. Out there on yeah. She wasn't by the single. -- finder at the hot -- either. They love effectively in their marketing seven didn't get on the kids and that's -- -- in The -- Multifamily having kids and their money -- their last game. Still -- ingested for a better deal we believe the famous tourist town of -- America. And had twenty minutes down the road and that's where we found. The -- is sound via. This place not an all inclusive and we -- curious to compare the bottom line to the crystal. Right -- the -- some differences yeah. Instead of spring breakers we were greeted by hand massage. And yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So how much blood did all this -- 243. Dollars a night 82 dollars lesson McChrystal. As a near 25%. Markdowns. -- -- yeah. And mother meals were not included there was 326. Dollars remaining plenty of dinero to stock the beautiful kitchen with affordable groceries. You have cereal here for breakfast you can cook a simple lunch -- some sandwiches. Some left over to treat your family -- out on the town. All proof perhaps that before you book an all inclusive for your family and do your homework and don't be afraid to take the road less traveled --

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{"id":19387508,"title":"Vacation Planning Online: What You See Isn't Always What You Get ","duration":"7:56","description":"Part 2: Expert tips when planning a vacation online. ","url":"/Nightline/video/vacation-planning-online-19387508","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}