Which Tea Party Candidates Won?


Gubernatorial Candidates


Tom Emmer

Tom Emmer, Minnesota

State congressman

Opponent: Mark Dayton, former U.S. Senator (DLP)

Endorsed by Sarah Palin

The outcome of the Minnesota gubernatorial race has yet to be determined. Endorsed by Sarah Palin, Emmer was the choice of the state Republican Party over former Rep. Marty Seifert, who later bowed out of the race, and threw his support to his former foe. Emmer is a staunch opponent of health insurance mandates, the minimum wage, same-sex marriage and abortion rights.

WATCH Emmer explains why he's running for governor here.

Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley, South Carolina

State senator

Opponent: State Sen. Vince Sheheen (D)

Endorsed by Sarah Palin

State Rep. Nikki Haley won the South Carolina gubernatorial contest, defeating state Sen. Vincent Sheheen in a landslide victory. The political newcomer, who will serve as the state's first Indian-American governor, was endorsed by Sarah Palin in the GOP primary. A proponent of gun rights, and a staunch opponent of abortion rights, she has called for eliminating the corporate income tax, and imposing term limits on state legislators.

WATCH Haley accepts the GOP nomination for governor.

Paul LePage

Paul LePage, Maine

Mayor of Waterville, Maine

Opponent: Elizabeth Mitchell, state senator (D)

Waterville Mayor Paul LePage defeated Mitchell and Independent Eliot Cutler. LePage has pledged to cut income and automobile taxes, and expand private health care options. He opposes legalized abortion and same-sex marriage.

WATCH LePage discusses his background in a campaign video.

Dan Maes

Dan Maes, Colorado


Opponent: John Hickenlooper, Mayor of Denver (D)

Businessman Dan Maes lost the Colorado gubernatorial race to Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper. His defeat comes after a bitter three-way battle in which Constitution Party nominee and former Rep. Tom Tancredo turned up the heat on Maes to drop out of the race, and tried to compel defection of his supporters.

WATCH Maes discusses his candidacy.

Carl Paladino

Carl Paladino, New York

Former CEO, Ellicott Development Company

Opponent: Andrew Cuomo, New York Attorney General (D)

Buffalo businessman Carl Paladino lost the New York gubernatorial contest to state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo. After a surprise Republican primary win against Establishment candidate Rick Lazio, Paladino drew controversy at several turns, including a near shoving match with a New York Post reporter, and remarks on homosexuality.

WATCH Paladino's victory speech in GOP gubernatorial primary.

Rick Perry

Rick Perry, Texas

Governor of Texas

Opponent: Bill White, former Mayor of Houston, Texas

Endorsed by Sarah Palin

Texas Governor Rick Perry earned a third term in Austin, holding off former Houston Mayor Bill White after a close race in which Democrats poured a record amount of money into their candidate's campaign. Endorsed by Sarah Palin, Perry supports cutting taxes on individuals and businesses, reducing state spending, enhancing border security, tort reform, and increasing enrollment in state colleges and universities. He opposes abortion rights and the health care reform law.

WATCH Perry's victory speech in GOP gubernatorial primary.

2010 Election Maps: Track Results of House, Senate and Governor's Races

U.S. House Candidates



Sandy Adams, FL-24

Justin Amash, MI-03

Rep. Michele Bachmann, MN-06

Dan Benishek, MI-01

Rep. Marsha Blackburn, TN-07

Steve Chabot, OH-01

Rick Crawford, AR-01

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