Polling in Afghanistan: Rocket Attacks, Arson and Highway Bandits

Baghlan Finding vehicle for transportation was not a big deal, but the road in Salang was not in good condition, it was snowing and cars had crashed and fell down from the mountains, and for four hours we had to follow the patrol of ISAF forces. They were moving very slow which was very annoying, one car crashed with a big tanker in this accident all passengers in the small car were killed.

In Borka district one person killed all members of his family, and in Jilga district a wedding ceremony was attacked with hand grenades which killed and wounded around 200 people.

The security in Baghlan was not good, tankers were put to fire by Taliban, and one American armored vehicle was destroyed by Taliban rocket attack, in which the armored vehicle itself was completely destroyed and the soldiers were also killed.

Bamiyan The only problem we faced was the road from center to Waras district, the road was in a very bad condition. It was not paved and the drivers were not agreeing to take us there, somehow we found a vehicle and went to Waras district and reached there after seven hours.

Faryab During our survey two traffic accidents happened. Both contained economical and life loss. One suicide attack took place in Khwaja Sabz Posh District which killed and injured lots of people.

Ghor The only problem in Ghor was transportation. One of our female colleagues was stopped by some security personals in Dolaina district, but after looking to official document they treated them good and let them pass. Same thing happened with two other interviewers but they were also treated good after looking to their documents.

The passengers including our interviewers were robbed of money by robbers on the road to one of Ghor districts.

Jawzjan While going to the province the car I was traveling in crashed with another car, in the accident two men from opposite side were killed and two were badly injured.

When our members started the field work, people got frightened and called police after explaining to the procedure to cops we started our field work again.

During our survey a fight between security police and Taliban took place, the fight continued for four hours.

Kandahar Security forces in Kandahar detained a planted bomb in a house. Our moderators were conducting interviews in the meantime when the area was sealed off and besieged by the national security forces. And one hour later the search operation ended.

Operations codenamed "Hamkari" have been conducted by NATO and Afghan National Army forces in the province.

President Hamid Karzai addressed the people of Kandahar in his trip to the district of Arghandab. As people vowed their cooperation to the president, I think many more people would send their children to the lines of National Army and the National Police.

Subsequently on the next day after President Hamid Karzai's trip to the province, a huge bomb blast carried in Arghandab district. Too many innocent people lost their lives in the blast.

Highway one that connects Panjwayee district with the city has been blocked.

Coalition forces are conducting operations in different parts. Our colleagues strived a lot to reach there in order to conduct the interview.

Kapisa In Nijrab district we had lots of problems with transportation. The road to Kohband district was under construction, which made some problems in our transportation.

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