Soldiers See Sacrifice, But Winnable Afghan War

Almost two years ago, before the surge, Afghan poll director Jameel al-Rahmanay told ABC News that Afghans didn't think adding troops would do any good.

Today, he said, that hasn't changed.

"It's almost the same as last year, it depends on the part of the country," al-Rahmanay said. "Last year we didn't have any problems in the north of the country, while today, we are having a lot of problems in the north. In the south some provinces are more secure than last year."

"There are still a lot of security problems in the country," he said, "Even with all these troops in the country."

But Lolila Karimi, an Afghan widow with four children, told ABC News that two years ago she was pessimistic about her future. Today, she said it is because of the U.S. that she has improved security, 24-hour electricity and clean water.

If the U.S. forces left, she said, Afghans would be back to the "wildest days."

The U.S. troops ABC News spoke to in Afghanistan agree it is better to stay than leave too soon.

"You can't just rip apart a country and just leave it to turmoil. You have to fix what's broken," Gatison said. He thinks if they pulled out now, the Taliban would move back in, even stronger. "Definitely even stronger in the areas that we have occupied, coming with a stronger force definitely."

They said despite polls showing low Afghan support, they see progress every day, which they believe will ultimately lead to success.

"Can I win this war? Well, I certainly wouldn't be here if I didn't think we could make a huge difference," Campbell said. "I mean, what people here really want is a place to go work, they want their kids to go to school, they want to live in freedom, they don't want to be terrorized, many areas we have that already."

But Campbell says he doesn't want to fool anyone. He admits it will take time and sacrifice.

ABC News' Kristina Wong and Richard Coolidge contributed to this report.

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