Biden on Gay Marriage: 'Absolutely Comfortable With Men Marrying Men, Women Marrying Women'


But Biden hinted the country would be less safe in a Romney presidency. "Based on what [he] has said, for example, him saying our archenemy, I'm paraphrasing, is Russia. Oh, he called it the Soviets. If that's his prism through which he views our national security interest, I would say it would not be as strong."

He also addressed bin Laden's apparent criticism of his ability to step in as president in a letter--released last week--in which the terror leader concluded " Biden is totally unprepared for that post."

"Osama bin Laden's been wrong about a lot of things," he said on Sunday. "I hope he was wrong about that."

Biden added that he wasn't sure if he'd be interested in running in 2016, with or without Hillary Clinton. But he's locked into the 2012 ticket.

"There's no way out," he said. "I mean, they've already printed Obama-Biden."

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