Warren and Brown: Mass. Matchup Is Hottest in Country


Warren stands by what she said in the video.

"We all invest in education, we invest in roads, and bridges, we invest in police and firefighters and those are the conditions that we all help create so that people can grow their businesses and create opportunities for all of us and that it's really important when that happens, that we continue to pay it forward for all of us," Warren told ABC News. "Nobody pulls up the ladder. Everybody pays a fair share, and continues to make those investments in the future. " (Watch ABC's interview with Elizabeth Warren)

Brown says that video has helped his campaign.

"It's actually galvanized the small business owners and the people that are out there working hard and getting up in the middle of the night or early in the morning and providing services. Third-, fourth-, fifth- generation businesses, they're deeply offended and they're voting for me."

Republicans need to pick up at least three Senate seats to win the majority on Election Day.

They've got a good chance in Republican-leaning states North Dakota, Montana and Nebraska. And World Wrestling executive Linda McMahon even has a shot in Connecticut .

But Massachusetts has remained a toss-up.

Polls have been consistently neck and neck throughout the race, with Warren recently pulling a few points ahead. The latest poll shows Warren up 5 percentage points, 43% to 38%.

Asked why in one of the most Democratic states in the entire country, with President Obama polling now with a 30-point lead in the latest polls, this is even a race in the first place, Warren demurred.

"You know, I'm out there every single day working for every single vote," Warren replied. "That's what I should be doing and that is what I am doing."

If Democrats can defeat Brown -- they probably keep the Senate.

It may not matter to Scott Brown whether Republicans control the Senate but Elizabeth Warren is betting it will matter a whole lot to all those Democratic voters in Massachusetts.

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