Before Marco Rubio became senator: 15 stories from his younger days

"One night, near the end of the South Beach season, my friends and I made plans to attend one of our favorite South Beach haunts for a 'foam party,' where oceans of white foam are dropped from the ceiling and you find yourself dancing in it up to your waist. Jeanette told me if I went out that night, there would be no turning back. We would be over forever. I went out anyway. She had brought this on herself, I told myself. If we got back together, it would be on my terms, not hers. That night, near midnight, I looked up and watched the foam descend from the ceiling. It was a sight to behold. Then my beeper buzzed. It was Jeanette's number. I knew she was calling to see if I had gone out. ...I waded out of the foam to find a quieter place to consider my options."

(There's a happy ending; she took him back.)

10. While working for Bob Dole's presidential campaign in 1996 and flying from New Hampshire, Rubio joined a vodka shot contest and puked all over the plane in front of Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen

"A few of the younger volunteers stopped at a local liquor store and bought bottles of vodka. On the flight home, about ten of us celebrated our successful foray into New Hampshire politics by holding a vodka shot competition. I was one of the few still standing when the contest ended. Halfway through the flight, I started to feel sick. I knew I had to get to one of the plane's bathrooms before something unfortunate happened. I made my way to the front of the aircraft clutching a motion sickness bag when I realized I wasn't going to make it. I was going to throw up in full view of some of the most prominent Republicans in Florida. . ...I could either vomit on a congresswoman or on a fellow volunteer. I chose the latter."

11. For years, Rubio struggled with his personal finances, even while making $93,000 per year

Rubio describes trouble keeping up with finances while working at law firms in Florida: "My salary was $72,000, more than my parents had ever made combined. But it barely covered our basic expenses," he writes. Rubio found a job at another firm making $93,000, which he said matched his budget. Later, he says he did not feel "financially secure" during his married life until he found another job earning $300,000 per year.

12. Rubio teared up when Barack Obama was elected president in 2008, and was 'moved deeply' by the historic election

"I was moved deeply by the historic significance of his election, and it overwhelmed my political concerns. As he reached the end of his speech and told the story of an elderly African American woman, born just two generations removed from slavery, braving a long line and cold weather to cast her vote that day for America's first black president, I saw the emotion and pride on the faces in the massive crowd that had gathered in Chicago's Grant Park to hear him. And I, too, became emotional with pride for my country. ...I was so proud to be an American, and so moved by the powerful symbolism of the moment, I couldn't stop myself from tearing up."

13. George F. Will does not excite Rubio's wife

During his Senate candidacy, Rubio was giddy when George Will praised his campaign. His wife--not so much.

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