Romney's Bain drain: Is he repeating the mistakes of his 1994 campaign against Ted Kennedy?

But at the same time, the Romney campaign appeared to be caught flat-footed by a story in the Boston Globe that suggested Romney may have worked at Bain Capital longer than he previously suggested. Although the campaign issued statements calling the story inaccurate, the story itself noted that Romney officials would not be quoted on the record responding to the Globe's questions. The move appeared to reflect a Romney strategy that was frequently exercised in during the primaries, in which the campaign tried to kill news stories by simply not responding to them—a tactic that is unlikely to be as successful heading into the heat of the general election.

The Obama campaign immediately latched on to the Globe report, with Stephanie Cutter, Obama's deputy campaign manager, going so far as to accuse Romney of potentially committing a felony by misstating his role at Bain Capital.

Cutter's quote instantly made headlines, and  it took nearly four hours for the Romney campaign to formally respond by issuing a statement from Romney campaign manager Matt Rhoades trashing her comment as a "new low" in the campaign.

Romney aides note, accurately, that most national polls still find the race a statistical tie between Obama and Romney, which they argue is evidence that their boss has not been hurt by Obama's attacks on Bain and Romney's personal finances.

But polls also find that most voters are still learning about Romney—and still deciding what they think about his Bain resume and Obama's claims that Romney outsourced jobs overseas. An ABC News/Washington Post poll released this week found that 40 percent of those polled believe Romney "cut jobs" while at Bain—a slight uptick from earlier this year—while 36 percent believe he did more to "create jobs."

A senior Romney adviser told Yahoo News that the attacks don't matter to voters—and won't impact the vote in November. "Voters don't care," the adviser, who declined to be named while discussing strategy, said. "People care about whether they can pay their bills and whether they have a job. And Obama has failed to make that better. That's what's really going to affect this race."

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