Obama: Washington's Man About Town

The Bushes preferred to entertain at the White House, hosting movie screenings and smaller dinners for friends. In his eight years in the White House, Bush hosted six state dinners for foreign leaders, far less than his predecessors.

There were more than 30 state dinners during the eight years of the Clinton administration. President George H. W. Bush hosted more than 20 state dinners while President Reagan hosted more than 50.

According to CBS News' Mark Knoller, the unofficial record keeper in the White House press corps, Bush spent all or part of 487 days at Camp David and all or part of 490 days at his ranch in Crawford, Texas. Combined that adds up to about one-third of his presidency.

Obama does not have a vacation home and with two young daughters attending school in Washington, D.C., it may be difficult for the family to get out of town for long weekends or extended summer vacations.

Exerciser in Chief

They may not share the same urge to socialize, but one thing Obama has in common with his predecessor is a firm commitment to a daily workout, something the president squeezed in even with a hectic campaign schedule.

Obama is an avid basketball player, an inherently more social hobby than Bush's fondness for mountain biking. Obama frequently got together with friends and staff for pickup games in Chicago or out on the campaign trail.

Earlier this month Obama stopped by the Marie Reed Recreation Center in the Adams Morgan neighborhood for a 45-minute basketball game at an indoor court.

Last week Obama told reporters that a new basketball net had been installed on the tennis court on the White House grounds but that he had not played there yet because it was too cold outside.

One local gym is eager to provide the president an indoor court to keep his shot from getting rusty.

Gonzalo Perez, the general manager of the Washington Sports Club in the Columbia Heights neighborhood of Washington, said his staff plans to reach out to Obama's staff to encourage him to make use of the gym's new indoor basketball court.

Obama has worked out at Perez's gym. In June the then-senator stopped in for an early morning workout dressed in gym clothes, with his security entourage in tow.

The visit made headlines when the front desk attendant did not recognize Obama and asked to see his gym ID.

Perez said Obama would be welcomed back to the gym with open arms.

"We are one of the few clubs that has an indoor basketball court. ? He could come by during off hours and take advantage of our facilities," Perez said.

Obama Effect? Washington Basks in Obama Patronage

Perez said that his club received considerable publicity from the visit and that it was able to do a marketing promotion with all of the media attention.

Since Obama made a stop, with the press, at Ben's Chili Bowl, the restaurant has garnered attention from local and national media and seen a boom in business, especially during inauguration week when the lines snaked out the door and down the block as out-of-town tourists came to check out the famed local delicacy.

DCist's Mathis wondered when the madness at the U Street landmark would end.

"I can't go and get a half-smoke after a night out at the bars because the line is so long."

The Obama family has not even eaten at hot spot Marvin, but tourists still flocked to the restaurant last week to snap pictures of the Obama mural by artist Shepard Fairey on the outside of the building.

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