The Note: Just Born That Way

Correction from the Boston Globe: "Because of a reporting error, a story about Governor Mitt Romney's upcoming trip to Israel < LINK in yesterday's City & Region section incorrectly stated that the American Israel Public Affairs Committee contributes directly to political campaigns. It is restricted under law from making political donations. Political figures have received donations from members of AIPAC's 50-person board of directors."


Fred Dicker takes to the New York Post op-ed page to look at Jeanine Pirro's options and to slap Gov. Pataki and his consultants for failing to build a GOP farm team. LINK

Bense: " no " to a Katherine Harris primary challenge in Florida. LINK

The Philadelphia Inquirer on Sen. Santorum's PAC, controversy, and political support. LINK


David Kocieniewski of the New York Times leads in muted-yet-explosive tones: LINK

"Senator Jon S. Corzine provided a $470,000 mortgage to the president of a union that represents thousands of New Jersey state employees in late 2002, then forgave the debt two years later." "The union president, Carla Katz, was Mr. Corzine's girlfriend at the timeā€¦."

"The loan was not illegal, and Mr. Corzine said he took care of the required gift tax on the money he ended up giving to Ms. Katz."

"But if Mr. Corzine succeeds in his race for New Jersey governor this fall against the Republican candidate, Douglas R. Forrester, he could find himself negotiating opposite Ms. Katz, whose union, Local 1034 of the Communications Workers of America, represents 9,000 state workers and is one of a handful of labor groups that will seek billions of dollars from the state for wage increases and a bailout of the state's troubled health care and pension funds."

Mayor Bloomberg's Republican primary foe was knocked off the ballot yesterday due to an insufficient number of valid signatures, which leaves Bloomberg running unopposed for the GOP nomination. LINK

Anthony Weiner did the official campaign kickoff thing yesterday, which seemed to be a bit too late in the season to avoid hearty skepticism from the New York City political press corps and his rivals. LINK

New York Times mayoral coverage includes Weiner entering LINK ; Miller keeping landlord cash LINK ; and Ognibene losing a bid for a ballot line. LINK

Dean's Democrats:

Jim Wallis sounds much like Al From in a New York Times op-ed piece saying Democrats need new ideas to go with any new sloganeering language. LINK

Joan Vennochi of the Boston Globe argues that Democrats need to recharge and redirect their focus from the embittered nominee process and start listening to voters and winning campaigns. "Winning on election day is what it takes to derail nominees like Bolton and Roberts." LINK


The Chicago Tribune's well-dressed Jeff Zeleny crunches the numbers of Sen. Obama's Hopefund PAC for the first six months of the year. Zeleny Notes that Obama has already donated the maximum allowable amount to all of his Democratic colleagues up for reelection in 2006. LINK

"Through the first six months of the year, Obama reported raising $851,674. But he also reported spending $406,564 on fundraising expenses, ranging from hiring caterers to paying his political consultant, David Axelrod of Chicago. Robert Gibbs, Obama's communications director in the Senate, also received a salary from the Hopefund."

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