The Note: Found in the Flood

In his Los Angeles Times news analysis piece, Doyle McManus says the address "included all the necessary elements of a post-disaster address: compassion for the victims, praise for their rescuers, a call on the nation to pull together, a promise that 'we will do what it takes' to bounce back -- and a brief acknowledgment that federal preparations had fallen short." LINK

He also recycles this 2004 Bush quote: "I love taking on big issues, because I think that's my job. . . I think that's why the people of the country put me in office. They expect a president to lead."

Katrina: Bush poll numbers:

From the Wall Street Journal's "Washington Wire": "[Pollsters] Peter Hart and Bill McInturff . . . liken erosion in Bush's ratings to Reagan's Iran-contra dip, and say Katrina's costs and link to gas prices make the effect unlikely to fade soon."

Katrina: Congress reacts:

The Des Moines Register's Jane Norman reports on Sen. Charles Grassley's fury over -- and clamor for an investigation into -- the New Orleans St. Rita's nursing home deaths. She also Notes that Sen. Tom Harkin is not cool with Republicans temporarily throwing Davis-Bacon regulations to the wind. LINK

Katrina: Big Casino budget politics:

"'We are not sure he knows what he is getting into,' said one senior House Republican" to the New York Times' Hulse referring to the President's big spending plans for the rebuilding efforts. (Hulse has your Coburn, McCain, and DeMint comments too, in a front pager about conservative concerns over spending.) LINK

The Washington Times' Stephen Dinan reports that Sens. Coburn, McCain, and DeMint are urging GOP leaders to offset new Katrina spending with spending cuts. LINK

In one incredibly tightly written piece, the Wall Street Journal's Jackie Calmes deals with rebelling fiscal conservatives in Congress, the Republican Party's identity and legacy, next year's mid-terms, tax and spending cuts, the fraggings of Tom DeLay and John Bolten, Newt Gingrich's thinking and yes, even bloggers.

Read this sentence closely: "Administration officials also express frustration that conservatives in Congress are criticizing the White House even as Congress has balked at making the Medicaid cuts that Mr. Bush had called for earlier this year."

From the Wall Street Journal's "Washington Wire": "...White House aide dismisses rolling back jet-fuel taxes in response to post-hurricane price jumps, saying, 'Our focus is on bailing out the French Quarter, not the airlines.'"

Katrina: policy and politics:

The Des Moines Register's Thomas Beaumont writes up Gov. Tom Vilsack's (D-IA) "sharpened" criticism of the Bush Administration's response to Katrina. LINK

"Vilsack accused Bush and the Republican-controlled Congress of failing to value the purpose of government in general and systematically trying to dismantle it," writes Beaumont of Vilsack's DLC sponsored message timed to the President's speech.

The President said last night that he wants people to return to New Orleans. But a poll conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Harvard School of Public Health found that some of the uprooted won't go home again and plan to stay in Houston, a development that could roil the politics of Texas and Louisiana. LINK

The O'Connor seat:

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