The Note: Found in the Flood

"The rally crystallized what is emerging as the dominant theme of the mayoral race, a battle over perceptions of life in New York: one of a city on the move for all its residents with a rebounding economy, improving schools and lower crime, as the Bloomberg campaign suggests; the other of a city Mr. Ferrer sees, in which the poor are being left behind, the middle class is being squeezed and too many children are dropping out of school into a dire future."


Says the Wall Street Journal's "Washington Wire," "Minority leader Reid launches online organizing drive next week linking activists with Democratic Senate campaigns."

2008: Republicans:

While speaking to a packed house at the Heritage Foundation on Wednesday about the importance of "speed," "agility," and "opportunistic thinking" in homeland security, Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA) said: "We have 120 colleges in Massachusetts. Are we tracking people from terrorist-sponsored states who are going to those colleges?"

"How about people who are in settings -- mosques, for instance -- that may be teaching doctrines of hate and terror?"

"Are we monitoring that?" he asked.

Romney's Heritage remarks--which were interrupted by applause when he said "I'm for fewer illegal immigrants coming into our states" and "I don't like amnesty" -- may be signs that this "red state folk," as he described himself, is not planning on running for re-election in the bluest of blue states in 2006. We still await the formal announcement of his intentions sometime this fall.

Back at home, Romney finds himself in hot water today with civil liberties and Muslim groups for his Heritage remarks. LINK

In a telephone interview with the Washington Post, Romney said he was not calling for a loosening of the rules governing when and how the government can conduct surveillance.

But he defended his focus on mosques as potential surveillance targets, saying that attacks by Islamic terrorists in the United States, London and elsewhere justify a particular focus on Muslim places of worship. Authorities "should be watching what's being taught in a mosque more closely than what's being taught at the local 4-H Club," Romney told the Washington Post.

Gov. Romney tries to "soften" his Washington DC based remarks on wiretapping, which has angered many Muslims. LINK

Romney's new office digs will cost him $58,350 annually the Boston Globe reports today. LINK

Boston lawmakers override Gov. Romney's veto which will now allow over the counter morning after pills to be supplied by pharmacists. LINK

House of Labor:

The Wall Street Journal's Kris Maher says the airline trouble is just the latest challenge for the AFL-CIO.


The Washington Post's Al Kamen on Dubya's trip to the WC. LINK

The New York Post gets Dr. Rice's reaction to the photo during an editorial board session with the paper. LINK

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