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There are new BC04 and DNC attack ads today. More on that below.

We could say it's getting ugly out there on the airwaves, what with all the misstated facts and truncated quotes designed to tell just part of the story, but what's the point in repeating the obvious? If nothing else, it's interesting and warms our dark little hearts to see fast response times on ads from all parties involved. The Washington Post 's Howard Kurtz Notes "the escalating exchanges mark an increasingly personal debate before Thursday's first presidential debate, which will be devoted to foreign policy." But, um, Chad Clanton, what's the deal with taking our act? Do we need to trademark our furry little helpers? LINK

"Kerry spokesman Chad Clanton said the Bush team is 'using fear and dishonest political tactics to distract voters from the deteriorating situation in Iraq. They've got Googling monkeys at the Bush campaign working overtime, slicing and dicing old quotes and then going into the edit room and pulling them out of context.'"

The Los Angeles Times' Nick Anderson takes a look at the barrage of political ads using the images of Osama bin Laden and other al Qaeda terrorists. LINK

"Democrats could be forcing the electorate to focus on an issue that is an apparent Bush strength: domestic security. But Republicans, if they overplay the terrorist threat, could remind voters that Bin Laden himself is still at large. Whatever the fallout, there is little doubt the ads stand out in the thickening blizzard of political commercials."

The New York Times ' Paul Krugman ponders whether the press will "play Karl Rove's game (during the debate) by, as Mr. Clymer puts it, confusing political coverage with drama criticism, or will it do its job and check the candidates' facts?" LINK

The Washington Post 's Vanessa Williams takes a look at voters who were originally Bush supporters, but given a reason have switched to Kerry. The question remains for the Democrats how to turn anti-Bush voters into pro-Kerry voters. LINK

The New York Times ' ed board looks at efforts to discourage young people from voting and urges "elections officials and institutions of higher education must do more to remove the barriers that still too often stand between young people and the ballot box." LINK

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's Woods reports from Barcelona on the expatriate vote — something to which both campaigns have given Notable attention. It's time for their voting to begin. LINK

Peter Cannellos of the Boston Globe serves up a stellar and thought-provoking column today discussing party unity. It seems so strong now, but things aren't always as they appear. LINK

The Wall Street Journal 's Sarah Lueck writes with the lack of discussion on Medicare on the campaign trail, "Dr. [Mark] McClellan is prescribing his own medicine — a dose of free-market competition, an injection of information to help doctors and consumers make wiser decisions, and some soothing public-relations salve."

The Boston Globe 's Jeff Jacoby explains how "For countless American Jews, loyalty to the Democratic ticket is as automatic as breathing." LINK

Glen Johnson of the Boston Globe Notes the president's repeatedly describing Senator Kerry as an extreme flip-flopper in Ohio yesterday. LINK

Note Glen's "brief" interview with K. Rove!!!!!

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