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The Cincinnati Enquirer's Greg Korte writes, "Republican leaders pushing a state constitutional amendment on the November ballot that would ban gay marriage say the movement could energize conservative voters and help re-elect President Bush." LINK

The Cincinnati Enquirer analyzes the wardrobes of the candidates and their families. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: the battlegrounds:

Quoting Zogby, considering the opinions of Bush sources and taking stock of the president's visit there yesterday, Ken Bazinet of the New York Daily News Notes Michigan is Bush's weakest large battleground. LINK

Arizona Democrats are pushing back against all those who say the Grand Canyon State is in the bag for Bush-Cheney. The Kerry-Edwards field staff out there is flying high after Senator Edwards was surrounded by an 8500-person crowd yesterday — his biggest group on his own.

Edwards' message seemed to resonate — his stump speech got big replay in the Arizona Republic. LINK

The Arizona Daily Star focused on Edwards' accusing the president of "failing to win Mexico's cooperation to secure America's borders."

Folks in Arizona are mixed when it comes to response to the expiration of the assault weapons ban. LINK

The Denver Post Notes "deja-woo" as both candidates return to Colorado this week where "registered Republicans outnumber Democrats by roughly 180,000. Unaffiliated voters make up nearly a third of the electorate." LINK

The politics of the assault weapons ban:

The New York Daily News reports Mayor Bloomberg, New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, New York's two senators and House Democrats joined Senator Kerry in warning that lifting the ban "on 19 types of rapid-fire weapons such as Uzis and 'Street Sweeper' shotguns would put cops at risk by allowing criminals to skirt New York's tough gun laws." LINK

House Republicans are hoping to repeal all of Washington, DC's gun restrictions. LINK

"Guns, clips back on market," headlines the Denver Post on the morning after the assault-weapons ban expired. LINK

Gun control proponents — and the campaigns — are already seizing on an incident in Florida Sunday in which a man wounded a Miami-Dade police officer with a spray of bullets from an assault weapon. Camp Kerry released a statement former U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno saying that letting the ban expire "'sends a dangerous signal to criminals and further increases the danger to our communities. . . . ''That officer experienced firsthand why the ban on military-style assault weapons needs to be renewed.'''

The White House responded that crime is at a 30-year low. LINK

The politics of national security:

David Brooks on the battle between gradualist hawks and confrontationalist hawks. LINK

Paul Krugman says that President Bush is politicizing the war on terror and putting American at risk. LINK

Roll Call takes Note of an "aggressive, behind-the-scenes" campaign, staged by the White House and insiders, to make Porter Goss head of the CIA (or something like that). LINK

The politics of Iraq:

The Washington Post 's Walter Pincus highlights Secretary of State Colin Powell's statement that finding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq is "unlikely." LINK

On the Hill:

Emily Pierce of Roll Call looks at deadlines, deadlines. Congress is three weeks away from the due date for passing new spending bills, four weeks from its own self-imposed closing gavel and seven weeks from Nov. 2. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: casting and counting:

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