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The Kerry campaign calls the report "flawed" and Notes that AEI is "A Major Employer of the Cheney Family."

Last week the campaign released an ad, "Medicare Hypocrisy," which the campaign says "highlights John Kerry's record of voting for higher Medicare premiums and missing a vote to give seniors prescription drug coverage."

Script for "Healthcare: Practical vs. Big Government":

President Bush:I'm George W. Bush and I approve this message.

Voice Over:On healthcare … President Bush and our leaders in Congress have a practical plan: Allow small businesses to join together to get lower insurance rates big companies get. Stop frivolous lawsuits against doctors. Health coverage you can take with you.

Graphic:President Bush & Congressional Plan:Small Businesses Join Together to Get Lower Rates. Stop Frivolous Lawsuits. Health Savings Accounts — Job to Job Coverage

Voice Over:The Liberals in Congress and Kerry's Plan:Washington bureaucrats in control. A government-run healthcare plan.1.5 trillion dollar price tag.

Graphic:Liberals in Congress & Kerry's Plan:Big Government-Run Healthcare At a Cost of $1.5 Trillion

Voice Over:Big government in charge. Not you. Not your doctor.

Nick Anderson of the Los Angeles Times offers up his "Ad Watch" on the spot. LINK

For more on Bush's criticisms of Kerry's health care plan, see Allen again: LINK

And USA Today 's Richard Benedetto: LINK

An issues story!!! The Los Angeles Times sizes up the candidates' health care proposals and only briefly refers to the latest Time magazine poll numbers showing Kerry with a slight advantage on this issue and a breezy Rahm Emanuel looking for a health care bumper sticker slogan from Kerry. LINK

"For Kerry, healthcare's rising cost is a big part of the 'middle-class squeeze' that he says is Bush's legacy. For Bush, the health insurance system is — like pensions and workplace rules — an outmoded, government-regulated relic of another era. He would replace it as part of his push for an 'ownership society,' which he says would give individuals more responsibility and control over their lives."

Peter Wallsten of that same Left Coast paper hones in on the back and forth over importing prescription drugs from Canada. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Bush-Cheney re-elect:

The Washington Post 's David Brown reports Bush's AIDS plan has increased the number of people receiving antiretroviral therapy by 25,000. LINK

The New York Times ' Felicity Barringer writes the administration's environmental policy has "accelerated resource development on public lands" and "pushed to eliminate regulatory hurdles for military and industrial projects." LINK

The AP reports that Bush's baseball buddies are standing behind their man. LINK

Have you ever wondered how exactly a President of the Untied States can just hop off a bus in the middle of Michigan and get some ice cream? Michigan's Holland Sentinel has every last delicious detail from yesterday's OTR. LINK

"Van Dam suggested the 'Tommy Turtle,' the shop's signature sundae of vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, hot caramel, butter pecans, whipped cream and cherries."

"While she tried to give him the $2.50 sundae for free, Van Dam said the president told them he was legally obligated to pay for it."

"So, when he pulled out his wallet and gave them a $10 bill, Van Dam decided to charge him 25 cents. Bush gave Van Dam and cashier Nicole Prince a two dollar tip, which they split."

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