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"Beginning today, RNC protesters plan to use wireless phones to call in live, in-the-trenches reports that will be streamed over the Internet and picked up for rebroadcast nationwide on community-based micro radio stations — some licensed, most illegal," reports the Los Angeles Times. LINK

Mayor Bloomberg "laughed off" the naked protests in his fine city yesterday, "This is New York. Of course, we had seven naked people on Eighth Ave. What's the question?" reports the New York Daily News. More antics to come. LINK

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly tells the New York Daily News that protest organizers should discourage the riff raff, "The organizers could perform a public service by telling the extremists to stay away." Meanwhile some organizers say they are more worried extremist law enforcement officers. LINK

"The heightened security for the Republican convention resulted in four Pakistani students from St. John's University being detained in Times Square last night," reports the New York Post . LINK

Those bomb sniffing dogs will be wearing bulletproof vests too. LINK

Republican National Convention: potpourri:

Do not mistake our inclusion of this article for an endorsement of its premise.

The AP's Frommer explains how the Republicans are like the Yankees, while the Democrats are more like the Red Sox. LINK

"The Yankees embody values of the Republican Party — wealth, entrepreneurship … And the Yankees are successful — winning American League pennants in five of the last six years, just as the GOP has won four of the last six presidential elections."

Escape from New York — throngs of locals get out, in the nick of time. LINK

Republican National Convention: the Democrats:

DNC: Mission to flood everyone with e-mails yesterday: ACCOMPLISHED!

Our trained eyes were flipping through the New York Times and when we saw the word "schmear" — we thought we had stumbled on an advertisement for Jano's Bagels. But then we looked closer, and the word was "smear," which we thought might make it a Ben Ginsberg-related advertisement. Then we looked even closer and discovered that the DNC (forgetting its real estate on the editorial page) had taken out a full page ad about the Swifties.

The New York Times ' Jonathan Hicks writes up the Democrats' oppo plans in New York. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Bush-Cheney re-elect:

The New York Times ' Jehl and Shenon report that the White House is planning on issuing an executive order as soon as this weekend that would "effectively create as powerful a national intelligence chief as permissible under current law" and without congressional action. LINK

ABC News' Ann Compton's sources say that a draft is, indeed, circulating.

And do read the St. Petersburg Times on President Bush losing Cuban-American support in South Florida as stricter travel restrictions "have created cracks in the once rock-solid support among Cuban-American voters for President Bush, who will hold a campaign rally today in Miami." LINK

"If the presidential race is as tight in Florida LINK as it was four years ago, peeling even a few more Cuban-American voters away from Bush could prove crucial," Tamara Lush and David Adams report.

The Washington Post 's Juliet Elperin reports that a new Administration report suggests that global warning has begun to affect animal and plant populations in visible ways, going "further than previous statements by President Bush." LINK

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