Morning Show Wrap, by ABC News Political Unit

Sundusky vouched for Kerry's Bronze Star, Silver Star and two of his Purple Hearts though he was not there for Kerry's first incident either. Sundusky said, "John Kerry is a warrior" and that the United States needs a "warrior" in the White House because we are facing a "mess in Iraq."

Russert on Who Won the Week?

On NBC's "Today Show," Tim Russert was asked by Campbell Brown who won the week and said, "Everything froze after the terror alert," adding that if the topic of discussion is terror and not the economy, "it's a net plus for the White House and the Republicans."

Maureen Dowd Touts Book, Chides Bush

New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd touted her new book and slammed President Bush during an interview with NBC's Katie Couric.

Dowd said Dick Cheney was chosen to be Vice President so that he could watch over the "unformed" and "uninformed" Bush and mold him in his father's image but that he somehow "took him in a totally different direction," discarding the internationalism that was the legacy of George Herbert Walker Bush and George Prescott Bush and embracing a swaggering unilateralism.

Linda Douglass Commentary

ABC's Linda Douglass did a commentary for "ABC News Now" on the rush to reform intelligence.

The Hecklers

ABC did a tell on Sen. Kerry's Thursday comments to hecklers. (Kerry's SOT about what he would have done differently on 9/11 was also highlighted).

NBC did a tell on Teresa Heinz Kerry's Thursday comments to hecklers.

CNN's "Gimme a Minute"

CNN's "Gimme a Minute" segment focused on: playing politics (keying off of Howard Dean's comments regarding the Bush Administration manipulating terror warnings), bite her tongue (regarding Teresa Heinz Kerry saying "four more years of hell") and carpet-bagger (looking at Alan Keyes running for the Senate in Illinois).

Alan Keyes

ABC and NBC were among those that did tells on Keyes getting the Illinois Republican Party's nod to face Barack Obama.

George P. Bush Ties the Knot

NBC's "Today" did a tell on George P. Bush, the President's nephew, getting married this weekend.

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