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There are huge things brewing today.

Most Notable: The near-simultaneous campaign events by the BC04 and KE04 camps in a certain Iowa hamlet.

The focus is on today's Center of the Universe — Davenport, Iowa, in which both presidential candidates will hold events before noon.

It is safe to say that political reporters and television executives are OBSESSED with the geography of this thing.

Davenport, Iowa's city slogan is "Working Together to Serve You."

Not as catchy as, say, "Moving America Forward," but still pretty good.

A good sign for John Kerry, perhaps: per the city Web site, "The colors used in the Flag for the City of Davenport are taken from the Flags of the United States, the State of Iowa, and France . . . " LINK

Per the Kerry campaign, regarding the county in which Davenport sits, "While Scott County has trended Democratic in recent years, there are a very high number of voters who are registered neither as Democrats or Republicans. As of June 1st, there were 24,365 registered Democrats, 26,857 registered Republicans, and 41,909 voters registered with neither party in Scott County."

According to the Des Moines Register , while "Iowans are accustomed to presidential candidates tripping over and bumping into each other in the dead of winter as they campaign for the leadoff nominating caucuses," when Bush and Kerry cross paths in Davenport today, it will be "the first time that two opposing, major party candidates will campaign at separate events in the same Iowa city, on the same day — at the same time." LINK

Per the KCCI Web site, "Nearly every police officer in Davenport will be on the job Wednesday morning when President George W. Bush and his Democratic challenger, John Kerry, visit the town just a quarter of a mile apart in dueling campaign appearances . . ." LINK

"Davenport Police Lt. Don Gano said you could throw a stone from one to the other."

"Thousands of political supporters are expected to attend the two events."

"Officials say security will be at an unprecedented level."

At its Davenport event, the Kerry-Edwards campaign will continue to focus on the economy, centered around an economic summit and the announcement of more than 200 CEOs endorsing John Kerry. Among some of the more Notable companies are the CEOs of Bank of America, Oracle, and the COO of Fox News Channel's own parent company, News Corp.

Check out the Wall Street Journal 's must-read curtain-raising story on these endorsements, especially the spooky last sentence. ("Several major figures in corporate America, also former Bush voters, confirmed their backing for Mr. Kerry in interviews, but wouldn't be named for personal and professional reasons.")

President Bush hits the stump in Davenport, to gin up a crowd expected to number 10,000 — showing in specific relief just how much each campaign is fighting for the small number of swing voters in a small number of states.

Then he heads to Minnesota to highlight a national program that would provide $40 billion over the next decade to "restore millions of acres of wetlands, protect sensitive habitats, conserve water and improve streams and waterways near farms and ranches."

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