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David M. Brown of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review has a prominently featured story on "Two words from Teresa Heinz Kerry" that "sent pundits and politicians scrambling on the eve of the Democratic National Convention in Boston."

"It may have underscored some pundits' predictions that Heinz Kerry's penchant for off-the-cuff comments may play a role in Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry's campaign against President Bush." LINK

The New York Times ' Jim Rutenberg wraps Mrs. Heinz Kerry's "shove it" comments, looks at her resistance to handlers and says this latest hubub and her "more lively moments" raise "questions about whether she will continue to be the free campaign spirit she has been so far. LINK

The Washington Post 's Evelyn Nieves takes a look at Teresa Heinz Kerry's "fan club." LINK

Democratic National Convention: labor:

"Andrew L. Stern, the head of the 1.6 million-member Service Employees International Union (SEIU), said in an interview with The Washington Post that both the party and its longtime ally, the labor movement, are 'in deep crisis,' devoid of new ideas and working with archaic structures." LINK

And audio: LINK and LINK

"Stern argued that Kerry's election might stifle needed reform within the party and the labor movement. He said he still believes that Kerry overall would make a better president than President Bush, and his union has poured huge resources into that effort. But he contends that Kerry's election would have the effect of slowing the "evolution" of the dialogue within the party."

In a telephone interview from the convention after the Post story hit the Web, SEIU President Stern told ABC News last night that he "obviously wants John Kerry to win."

He noted that his union is spending $65 million and sending 2,000 staffers to battleground states full time to elect Kerry.

"There's probably not a day that goes by that we're not actively working for him to win," he said.

He said the Post article takes his remarks out of his context.

"I spent an hour and half discussing three structural problems that exist for progressives and Democrats and the party."

"One is about Democratic Party and when it comes to economic issues; it's really lacking policy discussion. Two: the labor movement is not doing successfully what it needs to do, which is to change the lives of workers. The whole structure of the progressive movement — it does not have the power of the conservative moment."

"Would it be easier or harder to have this discussion of John Kerry wins or loses?"

"Broder asked me the question several times in several different ways."

"And I said something to the effect of … if John Kerry wins, there will be a tendency to think that everything's OK and we should let John Kerry and the Democratic Party that we should take care of things."

"I think it would be really a mistake to be complacent and apathetic."

Democratic National Convention: the opposition:

"Here in the heavily Democratic capital of one of America's bluest states, President Bush's campaign and the RNC have set up shop, determined not to abandon their megaphone even though Kerry and his party will drown them out all week," Notes the Washington Post 's Howard Kurtz. LINK

The New York Times ' Kit Seelye takes a look at the GOP oppo shop in Boston. LINK

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