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USA Today writes up each of the big speeches from last night:

— Page writes that some "of Reagan's language seemed almost Reaganesque." LINK

— Hampson writes that Mrs. Heinz Kerry's remarks were "unusually policy oriented for a speech by a candidate's wife." LINK

USA Today 's Jill Lawrence reports that Gov. Dean had some more interesting things to say earlier in the day. LINK

David Broder says this of Sen. Ted Kennedy: "Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (Mass.), who was first elected in 1962, shared the oratorical burden at FleetCenter with the two newcomers, but, to the surprise of many, failed to electrify the partisan audience as he had done so many times before." LINK

Josh Gerstein of the New York Sun says that the Democrats ceded the podium to progressives. LINK

The Washington Post's David Maraniss observes "a new meaning has permeated the [Democratic] party: Fear of Bush." LINK

The AP's Beth Fouhy Notes "Twelve-year-old Ilana Wexler had some advice for Vice President Dick Cheney: You need a timeout. The Democrats loved it." LINK

Iowa beams with pride over First Lady, Christie Vilsack. LINK And the Des Moines Register comments on how she reaches out to swing-state rural voters. LINK

Democratic National Convention: Obamania:

(This section created to drive Robert Gibbs absolutely nutso).

The ghost of Cicero thought Obama did "wonderful." LINK

"A happy life consists in tranquility of mind. And Barack Obama," the Roman orator said.

Jeff Zeleny wraps yesterday for Obama's hometown paper and Notes "The Tuesday evening address was Obama's first using a teleprompter. Because of that, he practiced several times in recent weeks using the device and carried with him to the podium a written copy of the speech in the event of a technological failure." LINK

The New York Times ' Kit Seelye takes a look at the message Obama delivered Tuesday night — different from the civil rights, race or pictures "of the legacy of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and a black America still in despair," as African-American speakers had done in years past. LINK

Bill Nichols in USA Today writes that "Democrats were electrified" by Obama. LINK

Page and Despeignes describe Obama as speaking "with apparent ease and confidence." LINK

The Chicago Sun-Times' Scott Fornek throws in some details on what Obama ate on the day he talked with reporters and prepared for the biggest political speech of his life thus far. LINK

Chicago Sun-Times columnist Mary Mitchell looks at why she thinks Obama has become a rising star. LINK

Bob Novak opines that the real reason Democrats are so fascinated with Obama is their hope of turning out the African-American vote. LINK

Note to the Illinois GOP and Karl Rove: it would probably be smart to get this guy an opponent that makes him have to work for it, or he could spend parts of October in Philadelphia, Detroit, and Cleveland working on turnout.

Democratic National Convention: Kerry-Edwards 2004:

Take the time today to read the Boston Globe 's Glen Johnson as he discusses the incredible power and influence of the "Magic Michael Whouley" and the Dewey Square Group on the Kerry-Edwards ticket. LINK

The story is wicked smaaat.

The nation's leading newspapers always prefer to lead with some hard quasi-convention related news and so they did — mostly focused on Kerry's crafty proposal to extend the public life of the 9/11 commission.

The Los Angeles Times: LINK

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