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The Democratic convention continues 35 days until the Republican convention 99 days until election day

NEWS SUMMARY: It's easy from deep within the friendly confines of the Fleet Center to become hostage to a Finemanian-Gergenian worldview, but it isn't crazy to try to remember what actual voters think.

Or rather — on this day of Teresa Heinz Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Howard Dean, Chris Heinz, and Barack Obama — what actual voters DON'T think and never say.

1. Boy. Kerry in that space suit means he's a liberal wimp — just like Michael Dukakis — and therefore he cannot be president.

2. I really can't see how Kerry keeps from being overshadowed by Clinton.

3. I can't believe the press entrance isn't opening until 6:30 when they promised it would open at 6.

4. That Ron Reagan, how courageous is he to speak at the Democratic convention.

5. John Kerry must be as liberal as Ted Kennedy if he's allowing him to speak at his convention.

6. That speaker is just SO polarizing.

7. There's no way Barack Obama is as impressive as that New Yorker story made him out to be (Note Note: actually, he is.).

8. Why is John Kerry spending all his time in Virginia?

9. It's on the front page of the New York Times — why aren't the broadcast networks doing the story?

10. Boy, that Teresa is so outspoken! She can never be First Lady.

11. Boy, that Teresa is so outspoken! Her husband can never be president.

12. Boy, that Christie Vilsack is so outspoken! She can never be First Lady.

13. Who's working on the Kerry speech besides Shrum?

14. You don't think Googling Monkeys are just a narrative device, do you?

15. The breakdown of Senator Kerry's plane is a perfect metaphor for problems in the campaign — not to mention a development that really calls into question his ability to govern.

16. When I am not busy working to pay for my parents' prescription drugs and find decent daycare for my kids, I really do need to find the time to decide if I want to switch to an outspoken First Lady.

17. I can't help but notice the number of times the word "Bush" is uttered from the podium.

18. I wonder how many times John Kerry and John Edwards didn't vote the same way in the Senate.

19. I'm just not sure the balance between positive Kerry message and the negative jabs at President Bush is really all that good so far.

20. What are Mark Halperin and his dog Burt doing in West Palm Beach during the Democratic National Convention? LINK

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An added bonus: See what we look like — David Chalian and Marc Ambinder have planned appearances today.

Can't figure out this new-fangled technology? Let Robert Krulwich explain. LINK

And if you want the best, up-to-the-minute convention news, tidbits, and insight, log on to Noted Now: LINK As many have observed, the hall was on fire last night — a lot more like Night Four usually is than Night One.

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