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Today Ralph Nader will issue a release today asking Democratic and Republican Parties to stop interfering with his presidential bid. Or as he puts it: "stop maliciously trying to entangle our campaign with their own desperate maneuvers." LINK

The AP reports a Portland activist plans to file a complaint against Citizens for Sound Economy for helping recruit attendees to a June 26 to help Nader get 1,000 voter signatures and qualify him as a candidate in Oregon. A Washington-based group has filed a similar complaint. Tracey Schmitt of BC'04 says the campaign would "make an appropriate response" once it saw Lowe's complaint. LINK

Nader in Alaska. LINK

Columnist Brian Dickerson of the Detroit Free Press says that GOPpers helping Nader out in Michigan is really "the Clintonian thing to do." LINK


In USA Today , Erin Kelly writes about how Gov. Dean spends his days. LINK

The AP reports on P. Diddy's plans to make voting "fashionable." And then there's this proclamation from Mr. Combs about his new group: "When he said the group would charter a jet to travel to swing states to make an impact, he added: 'We will have mimosas on the jet. We're going to have the sexiest jet!'" LINK

The New York Times ' Kocieniewski and Mansnerus profile New Jersey's United States attorney, Christopher Christie, and his war against political corruption in the Garden State. LINK

America's Protestant majority will soon be a minority. LINK

"Sen. John W. Warner's office acknowledged yesterday that the Virginia Republican arranged for religious activists to use a Senate office building last March for a ceremony in which the Rev. Sun Myung Moon declared himself the Messiah and said his teachings have helped Hitler and Stalin be 'reborn as new persons,'" the Washington Post 's Chuck Babington. LINK

San Francisco is testing the waters on non-citizens voting in school board elections. LINK

The AP reports on the intensifying efforts of groups against gun violence. LINK

Texas Monthly's S.C. Gwynne caught up the elusive Cecile Richards and spins a tale of "her momma was beaten by him . . . now she's getting her revenge." The America Votes super psychologist, in charge of keeping all elements of the Democratic interest group coalition from stepping on each other's shows, was born with politics in her blood. Of interest to those seeking nuggets is her work with faith-based organizations. Read the whole thing in this month's Texas, ah, Monthly.


In Monday's Note, we wrote of Phillip Gourevitch's excellent New Yorker piece: "[the] author inexplicably quot[es] from something he says explicitly was off the record from a Kerry staffer."

This was not accurate. Mr. Gourevitch was in fact describing what the Kerry campaign tends to say off-the-record about Sen. Kerry's $87 billion Iraq vote. His source for that bit of campaign mechania provided the information on background. So Mr. Gourevitch did not, as we suggested with our phrasing, quote a source's off-the-record remarks. We regret the confusion we caused and did not intend to impugn Mr. Gourevitch.

Also from Monday's Note: Republican and Democratic candidates for Zell Miller's seat in the U.S. Senate squared off in live debates Sunday night. We inadvertently characterized the Democrats' exchange as between Republicans.

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