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The New York Times' Elisabeth Bumiller looks at the president's vacation schedule for the end of the summer and Notes "this year, the 2004 campaign has ruined Mr. Bush's Texas vacation. Or put another way, if Mr. Bush doesn't give up a lot of his summer holiday, the fear at the White House is that he could be on a permanent one after the first of the year." LINK

In light of Cheney's visit to Minnesota this weekend, the Star Tribune Notes the blaring differences between Cheney and Edwards in the article, "At No. 2, it's yin vs. yang." LINK

The New York Times' William Safire takes on Joe Wilson. LINK

The Wall Street Journal looks at the Fitzgerald leak investigation on A4.

ABC News Vote 2004: Bush-Cheney v. Kerry-Edwards:

The Washington Post's Dan Balz outlines a change in strategy pushed by GOP pollster Bill McInturff this weekend for Republican governors at the National Governors Association summer meeting, urging them to stop trying to convince voters that the economy is improving and instead go head-to-head with Democrats on creating jobs and boosting future economic growth. Republican governors can point out economic recovery to voters in battleground states, but they may not believe that it's going to continue — so the shift in message to specific proposals for job growth, taxes and helping small businesses provide health insurance to workers is key, McInturff argues. LINK

Roll Call's Mark Preston writes that Senate Republicans are going on the offensive on Senator Edwards in the coming weeks, brandishing that liberal paintbrush. The focus they'll take back to their home states: the values of the KE04 ticket, and Edwards' track record both in the Senate and as a trial lawyer.

The Washington Post's Chuck Babington follows up on yesterday's New York Times report on Kerry and Bush campaign ad spending, Noting the different tactics and constituencies that they're going after based on where and how they're on the air. Kerry's being particularly aggressive in Ohio and Missouri, Babington Notes, while the president is focusing on Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. LINK

Nick Anderson of the Los Angeles Times also follows Jim Rutenberg's early look at the Wisconsin Advertising Project/Nielsen Monitor-Plus study on presidential campaign advertising and finds Toledo and St. Louis are being bombarded with ads and the campaigns are investing heavily in reaching women and elderly voters. LINK

The New York Post's style section goes ga-ga for the four presidential candidate daughters gracing the campaign trail this cycle. The competition for "most glamorous" is apparently between Brown graduate Alexandra Kerry and Yalie Barbara Bush. LINK

"Both the raven-haired Alexandra, 30, an anthropology graduate turned movie-maker, and her less flamboyant, 27-year-old blond kid sister, Vanessa — a med student — are taking time out to stump for their dad."

"After decades of watching awkward, adolescent first daughters (think Amy Carter and Chelsea Clinton) scamper around the White House, the fashion world is rippling with excitement over the stylish, sexy "Sex and the City" meets "The West Wing" foursome."

If you care about this topic, you are gonna wanna find the hard copy of the paper.

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