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Guy Taylor of the Washington Times reports that McLaughlin also talked about the finding that Iran allegedly provided for safe passage for the Sept. 11 hijackers to and from training camps in Afghanistan, saying that there is no definitive evidence that the attacks were sanctioned by the Iranian government. LINK

USA Today's Mimi Hall and Judy Keen report that "some key members of Congress" are open to the idea of creating a "new intelligence director" to oversee the FBI, CIA, and military intelligence directors. LINK

The Wall Street Journal's Scott Platrow anticipates the questions Mr. Bush will face about Iran's aggressive pre 9/11 posture.

The Washington Post's Robin Wright looks at the pressure the release of the 9/11 commission report will put on the Bush Administration to deal with Iran — and the competing proposals from the foreign policy community to resume a diplomatic relationship with it. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: casting and counting:

The New York Times' David Halbfinger on the Kerry-Edwards' campaign's unprecedented pre-election legal recruitment of some of the nation's top election lawyers in all 50 states — an election SWAT team designed to monitor and prevent casting and accounting irregularities. LINK

"Kerry aides say the campaign has set up a national steering committee with task forces tackling different issues: one on ballot machines, another on voter education, and a third on absentee, early, and military voting, to name a few."

"At the Democratic convention next week in Boston, they say, any lawyers interested in volunteering will be offered training. And dozens of the lawyers already recruited by the Kerry organization will hold two days of intensive meetings to finalize strategy, tactics and assignments."

The Orlando Sentinel's Perez Notes the growing importance of absentee ballots in Florida and elsewhere. LINK

Three Ohio counties that wanted to switch to electronic voting for November will not be allowed to do so, says the Secretary of State. LINK

Nevada Secretary of State Dean Heller is taking his new voting machines on a cross-country we-have-something-you-don't-have tour. The machines, which will make Nevada the only place in the nation to have statewide electronic voting with paper receipts, have turned the state into a "laboratory" for the rest of the country. LINK

Carlos Campos of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports Georgia elections officials have upped security for the state's electronic voting system to prevent tampering. Voting machines similar to Georgia's 23,000 touch-screen machines have been banned in certain counties by the secretary of state in California. LINK

The Washington Post's Kevin Sullivan and Mary Jordan look at the efforts by both Democrats and Republicans to register every possible American voter abroad, Noting that thus far in 2004, the government agency that handles overseas voting has sent out 340,000 applications for voter registration — about 90,000 more than in 2000 — and they expect to send out more. LINK

With several new online sites target a voting bloc that many consider apathetic — the MTV generation — registering to vote and getting to know the candidates is just a mouse click away. LINK

Ohio State University Prof. Peter Shane takes a look at the possibility that electors could "usurp the vote" on today's Washington Post op-ed page. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: battleground states:

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