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The New York Times ' Nagourney and Stevenson preview the month of August and the planned "monthlong offensive" from the Bush campaign "that will blend criticism of the Democratic ticket with what aides said would be Mr. Bush's first effort to set out a second-term agenda." LINK

Nagourney and Stevenson Note that "[a]ides said, though, that the change did not mean Mr. Bush's television commercials would sharply change." The campaign would add more positive spots "but not abandon those attacks that Republicans say are crucial to Mr. Bush's hopes."

Names like Pawlenty and Fabrizio offer assesments that the president needs to switch gears.

So: — perhaps what President Bush does best — clear and concise explanations of why he merits a second term. The campaign will add more positive ads to the mix, too. Still, we wonder who will keep track of all Matthew Dowd's expectations setting? Up, down, 15 points, slightly better than expected. Oh my.

A fun quote ends the piece:

"'We never attacked Dole,' said Doug Sosnik, who was President Bill Clinton's political director, referring to Bob Dole, Mr. Clinton's Republican opponent in 1996.

DNC (allegedly) coordinated ads don't count?

The Wall Street Journal 's Jackie Calmes looks at the unveiling of a second term agenda for President Bush and reports that the "goal is for Mr. Bush to lay out his second-term vision at the Republicans' New York convention late next month, and perhaps preview proposals before then to maximize attention." LINK

Calmes Notes "advisers are struggling to craft a domestic agenda that he will soon begin promoting in his bid for a second term — even as they are trying to salvage initiatives in the current term" and reports that "[h[ealth advisers, for example, were brought in over the weekend" to work on plans to reduce the number of insured.

USA Today 's Benedetto leads his coverage of the president in Iowa yesterday with Bush's emphasis on a safer world. LINK

The New York Daily News' Katz and Bazinet take a look at President Bush as a "peace president," Noting that his own description of himself as a war president "has been a cornerstone of his reelection push." LINK

Ed Chen of the Los Angeles Times picks up on the president's emphasis on a safer America in his speech yesterday and Notes that the theme "contrasts sharply with many recent speeches in which he warned of the continuing dangers that Al Qaeda and its terrorist allies posed to the United States." LINK

"A White House official did not dispute the shift but said that Bush had been moving away from the dire scenario in recent weeks."

President Bush's visit drew some 3,000 to a rally at Kirkwood College in Cedar Rapids Iowa, where the message remained largely upbeat, but included some jabs at his opponents, writes the Des Moines Register 's dream duo of Thomas Beaumont and Jonathan Roos. LINK

The Iowa City Press-Citizen's Vanessa Miller writes up President Bush's visit to eastern Iowa. LINK

Democrats called Bush's rally at a community college ironic, pointing to the president's record on cutting services to such small colleges, writes the Des Moines Register 's Jane Norman. LINK

The Washington Post 's Hanna Rosin suggests Bush's support is waning among military families. LINK

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