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But how significant are the numbers? Check out this paragraph: "Democrats Abroad, the party's international voter registration wing, is placing a particular emphasis on Mexico, believed to be home to the most U.S. expatriate retirees, workers and students, followed by Canada and the United Kingdom. Estimates of Americans living here vary wildly: the U.S. Embassy places the number at 385,000 and Democrats say it is 1 million."

The Los Angeles Times, in the second get-out-the-vote story of the day, looks at campaign volunteers in Missouri to show the effort by both campaigns to return to the old days of knocking doors and cold-calling voters. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Kerry-Edwards '04: :

Little news but lots of color in Jim VandeHei's take-out on Sen. Kerry's religious faith. The man is a thoroughgoing Roman Catholic, though reticent in the New England tradition, to talk about his faith or even allow that it plays a prominent role in his life. LINK

"Kerry has rebuffed pressure from Democrats inside and outside his campaign to talk more openly about religion, aides say, other than making the word 'faith' part of the values message he is offering to voters on the campaign trail. He has turned down numerous interview requests on the topic, including several for this article. Aides said Kerry's resistance to talking about faith and personal beliefs is a relatively common trait among Catholic and Protestant politicians reared in the reserved New England tradition."

"On the road, Kerry carries a rosary, a prayer book and a medal with the image of St. Christopher, patron saint of travelers, which he wore during the Vietnam War, according to a longtime associate who demanded anonymity to discuss an issue the candidate did not want to discuss. Kerry prays, sometimes with friends, including in 1999 when he helped former Vietnam crewmate Del Sandusky through hard times, the associate said."

The Wall Street Journal's John Harwood and Jake Schlesinger sat down with Senator Kerry to talk about how he'd handle the situation in Iraq. Kerry laid out a three-part test for pulling troops out of Iraq, but declined to talk about specific benchmarks. Kerry said he would look at the country's stability, figure out the lay of the land to keep stability, and look at the ability of Iraqi security forces to ensure that stability. The Senator also said he wouldn't put it past the Bush Administration to withdraw troops before the November election. LINK

Some excerpts from the interview: LINK

Warming the hearts of Kerry-Edwards staffers everywhere, this little paragraph in Michael Finnegan's Los Angeles Times write-up of Sen. Kerry's visit to the NAACP folks yesterday, "The enthusiasm in the convention hall suggested at least some measure of success in Kerry's dual effort to bolster his support among blacks and to use Bush's absence to damage his already dismal standing among African Americans." LINK

See also: LINK and LINK and ">LINK and LINK

The New York Times' Jodi Wilgoren fact checks the Kerry campaign's new television ad designed to appeal to African-American voters — only semi-well-timed, because the ad is being re-cut and refined thanks to the helpful advice of the Congressional Black Caucus. LINK

Sen. Kerry is heading to Nantucket this weekend in hopes that the smell of the saltwater ocean will inspire him in writing his speech accepting the Democratic presidential nomination, reports the New York Times' David Halbfinger. LINK

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