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Sidney Zion gives Edwards full-faith pat on the back that the North Carolinian Senator can handle attacks from the GOP (without using three words he knows they'll understand). LINK

The Boston Globe's Ellen Goodman Notes the lack of known women contenders for the veep pick. LINK

Check out page 3D in the Life section of USA Today for a photo of Glen Johnson and Matea Gold tucked behind yesterday's New York tabloids (at least the caption says it's them . . .) as Jim VandeHei looks on. Both tabloids covers take shots at the Post's Kerry-Gephardt gaffe.

Edwards in the battleground state media:

The team got rock-star like coverage as they departed Pittsburgh. LINK

And how's this for a "dream" reaction?

"Some said Edwards' presence softened Kerry."

"'They're down-home people; they look like the people next door,' said Maude A. Anthony, a 59-year-old registered nurse from Cleveland Heights. 'They don't look rich or famous . . . even though they are.'"

The Steelers versus Browns rivalry was quiet -- for a day. LINK

In Florida, the line to get in was more than a half a mile long. (We hesitate to ask, but would it be as long if Kerry had chosen someone else?) LINK

Mark Silva Noted Sen. Kerry's flirty line: "'I brought my own rough rider from North Carolina. . . . He's a lawyer; I'm a lawyer. His name is John; my name is John. He was named People magazine's sexiest politician of the year; I read People magazine.'" LINK

Read the rest of Silva's article for a good debate about whether Edwards helps Democrats north of Orlando.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Craig Gilbert has the Edwards impact in Wisconsin, complete with local pol reaction and a report on yesterday's dueling conference calls. LINK

A possible sign: Tait Sye's mother in Flint, Mich. loves the ticket. LINK

The Minneapolis Star Tribune's Lawrence O'Rourke profiles Minnesotan Jim Johnson and his part in the veepstakes process. LINK

Only one step behind the GOP attack machine, the Union Leader attacks the "campaign rhetoric" of the John-John ticket on middle-class tax cuts. LINK

According to the Albuquerque Journal's Andy Lenderman, Kerry and Edwards will attend a rally at the National Hispanic Cultural Center in Barelas, New Mexico on Friday.

The "Edwards Draw," as it will henceforth be known in some quarters, will be rural voters that "will clearly help Democrats win the White House," according to the Des Moines Register's David Yepsen. LINK

Swept-away headline writers may soon run out of superlatives for the Edwards effect on Democrats, but for now the Des Moines Register's Frank Santiago has found more room in the thesaurus with "electrifies." LINK

Taking "woe is me" to a national level, the Des Moines Register's Bill Reiter chronicles how Gov. Tom Vilsack's non-nomination is just a blip in the long line of Iowa disappointments. LINK

The Tucson Daily Star says three factors will make Arizonans like Sen. Edwards: he "talks straight," "seems approachable," and "happens to be very smart." LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Bush-Cheney re-elect:

Pulling double duty, the AP's Liz Sidoti reports that the Bush-Cheney '04 campaign is expanding its advertising to North Carolina and launching a new ad rollout on Friday that will cost $8 million over the next two weeks. LINK

Sidoti also Notes that BC04 might expand the current ad, "First Choice," featuring Sen. John McCain and airing on national cable, to local markets in the states the campaign has previously put up ads.

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