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Bush-Cheney '04 spokesman Terry Holt said in a statement: "Vice President Cheney has an experienced record of leadership on all the important issues facing our country, and President Bush is proud to have a running mate with the expertise and commitment it takes to help keep our economy growing awhile also making our nation safer and stronger."

The AP's Mark Humbert Notes that President Bush "has long maintained he wants Cheney to be his running mate." LINK

The New York Daily News writes up D'Amato's comments and Note that Gov. Pataki "quickly distanced" himself from the former Senator's opinion on the Vice President.

BC04 response in the Daily News:

"'I think the fact our campaign is called 'Bush-Cheney '04' says it all,' said campaign spokesman Kevin Madden. 'Dick Cheney has one of the most substantive vice presidencies in our great nation's history.'"LINK

And well, the New York Post headline cuts to the chase: "D'AMATO TO PARTY BIGS: DUMP DICK." LINK


The Des Moines Register wants John McCain to be vice president in the second Bush term -- sort of. LINK

President Bush will attend a rally in Duluth, Minn. on Tuesday as part of a two-day bus tour, writes the Pioneer Press' Rachel Stassen-Berger. LINK

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has the skinny on this coming Wednesday's BC04 Wisconsin bus trip. LINK

The Des Moines Register's Lynn Campbell on First Lady Laura Bush in Des Moines on Wednesday doing her First Lady thing -- promoting reading? Check. Criticizing Fahrenheit 9/11? Check. Supporting her husband's chances in Iowa? Double check. LINK

The Washington Post' Rick Weiss gets one person he interviewed to claim that Vice President Cheney knew for a long time about his internist's addiction problem. LINK

This is one reporting-heavy piece!!!

ABC News Vote 2004: Bush-Cheney v. Kerry-Edwards:

The New York Post's Deb Orin recounts the President's knock on Edwards and Kerry's defense of him, but the most interesting sentence of the article might be this one: "Kerry, at 6-foot-4, towers over Edwards, and his manner was that of an older man promoting his kid brother." LINK

Orin also writes about the return of the "liberal" criticism by BC04. LINK

The Charlotte Observer's Anna Griffin and Sharif Durhams write about how the President just happened to be in town to talk about the new Tar Heel running mate. LINK

The Raleigh News & Observer's John Frank wonders what the Cheney-versus-Edwards debate will be like. LINK

On her trip to North Carolina with President Bush yesterday, Kimberly Wilson of the Baltimore Sun chatted with some folks from Raleigh about Kerry's choice and talked to Duke University political scientist Michael Munger, who predicted Kerry will lose North Carolina anyway, though the choice forces Republicans to defend their Southern strongholds. She also stopped by John Edwards' old law office, where the room where he once worked is now used as a war room. LINK

Battleground states:

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