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Local reaction to the Kerry/Edwards stops in Ohio varied throughout the state: in Akron, the Beacon Journal Noted that some Ohioans feel "Edwards can relate to working men and women who face tough economic times"; in Canton, the Repository says "Edwards came close to stealing the show from the less oratorical senator who tops the ticket"; the crowd in Cleveland, according to hometown paper the Plain Dealer, "clearly appeared energized by Edwards' addition to the ticket, enduring long lines and a brief shower to see them"; and the Columbus Dispatch reports that Dayton Mayor Rhine McLin says Edwards "is seen as the person that represented the underdog, and right now Ohio feels like the underdog." LINK and LINK and LINK

The Cincinnati Enquirer says the Kerry/Edwards stop in Dayton yesterday was no accident: the Democrats' campaign, the paper reports, "looks at Dayton as a key within a key -- a city of independent-minded "swing voters." LINK

The Charleston Gazette reports unconfirmed rumors that President Bush will come to Raleigh County, W.Va. on July 16 -- exactly one week after the Kerry/Edwards team stops in the Republican-leaning region of the state. LINK

Sen. Edwards will have some explaining to do when he arrives in W.Va. on Friday, says the Charleston Daily Mail: voters in the swing state are "deep in the debate over medical practice," having "seen a physician walkout over the high cost of insurance rates, a mudslinging state Supreme Court battle over lawsuits . . . and a millionaire trial lawyer who was twice turned back in his bid for Congress." LINK

In Washington state, the secretary of state announced yesterday that electronic voting machines will be required to produce a paper voting trail -- but not until 2006. LINK

Gas prices are making headlines again in Missouri, after many St. Louis-area drivers awoke Wednesday morning to costs per gallon $0.23 higher than when they had gone to bed the night before. LINK

The Reno Gazette-Journal editorial board urges Nevada's voters to take advantage of the state's battleground status and make the "candidates and their parties think about this state and what it needs." LINK

One of those issues important to Nevadans, of course, is Yucca Mountain. Las Review-Journal columnist Steve Sebelius says it is a "litmus test" for the state's voters, but few on the national stage seem to realize that. LINK

The best of the best: The "latest source of positive reinforcement for the health of the Nevada economy" came yesterday from the FDIC, which called Nevada's economy the best performer of the country's Western states, which itself is the leading economic region of the country. LINK

Susan Greene of the Denver Post reports five Coloradoans make the "Rangers" and, even better, "Super Rangers" fundraiser rank for President Bush and the GOP, wrangling at least $200,000 to $300,000 each. That must be some ranch! LINK

Top Senate Democratic money raiser Colorado Attorney General Ken Salazar raised $2.5 million in campaign donations for his U.S. Senate bid. LINK

The Coors campaign and the Rocky Mountain News reminds voters Salazar got a head start. LINK

The politics of national security:

The Washington Post's John Mintz reports that the Pentagon says it will hold hearings for all 595 Guantanamo Bay detainees in response to the Supreme Court ruling last week that they are being denied due process. LINK

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