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The Washington Post's Rick Weiss reports that the Washington, D.C. Board of Medicine, which takes disciplinary action against physicians, was "unaware for five years that Vice President Cheney's personal internist was under treatment for an alleged addiction to prescription drugs because of a confidentiality agreement the agency maintains with a physicians group, officials involved said yesterday." LINK

The land of 5+2=7:

The Washington Post's Anne Gerhart looks at the ground game being mapped out by ACT head Steve Rosenthal, with $100 million and "more than a thousand paid foot soldiers marching up to doors in 17 battleground states. They come armed with Palm handhelds loaded with voter registration data and streaming video about education and jobs." LINK

Battleground states:

Part three of the Orlando Sentinel's reporting on battleground Florida looks at the "Redneck Riviera" and bigger picture of North Florida. LINK

The Boston Globe's Brian Mooney reports "Republicans appear to have an early lead in the battle to register new voters for the fall election, but Democratic activists are pushing back, making inroads in recent months in several states that could be crucial to the presidential contest." LINK

Tort wars:

The Washington Post's Helen Dewar reports that "Senate Republicans will target huge legal fees in class action lawsuits this week as they try to salvage at least one key element of their "tort reform" agenda to revamp the nation's civil litigation system." We wonder how big a campaign issue this becomes with a certain very successful trial lawyer in the Number Two spot on the Democratic presidential ticket. LINK

The conventions:

The Washington Post's John Mintz describes the unprecedented security surrounding the conventions in New York and Boston, including their designation as "National Special Security Events, which gives the U.S. Secret Service the lead in coordinating security. The Secret Service has long-standing expertise in heading off violence through intelligence-gathering and thorough planning, officials said." LINK

The Boston Globe's Frank Phillips reports "fears of a terrorist attack have led Boston's convention host committee and nine downtown businesses, office buildings, and hotels to purchase special insurance coverage to cover the FleetCenter and the businesses for losses from terrorism." LINK

Elise Castelli of the Boston Globe writes that security in forces have turned to canines to ensure extra safety. LINK

The Los Angeles Times' Lisa Getter Notes "with most other avenues for corporate political spending cut off, this summer's conventions are gushing with special-interest money." LINK

The Washington Post's Brian Faler reports "the Democratic Party plans to give media credentials to a select group of bloggers" who want to cover the party's convention in Boston. LINK

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