Evening Newscasts Wrap

1. The day in Iraq (Jim Sciutto, Baghdad) 2. ABC News has obtained a document which shows some contact between Iraq and al Qaeda back in the mid '90s (Martha Raddatz, Pentagon) 3. Arab perspectives on the U.S. efforts in Iraq (Peter Jennings, Beirut) 4. President Bush arrived in Ireland today for a summit with leaders of the European Union. 5. Authorities found what appeared to be a bomb in the car park of Istanbul's international airport. 6. Jack Ryan drops out of Illinois Senate race. (Dean Reynolds, Chicago) 7. Peter Jennings interviews the man in charge of interrogations at Guantanamo 8. Closer Look: "Fahrenheit 9/11" (Dan Harris, Washington) 9. Person of the Week: Martina Navratilova


(Brian Williams substitutes)

1. The U.S. military missed the attempted to kill Zarqawi in a military strike. (Jim Miklaszewski, Pentagon) 2. Violence in Iraq continued today. (Tom Aspell, Baghdad) 3. Bush will try yet again to gain the help of European nations in Iraq. (David Gregory, County Clare, Ireland) 4. Explosives were found in parking garage in Istanbul 5. Kerry's message seems more tailored to the middle. (Kelly O'Donnell, Canoton, Ohio) 6. The Christian movement: gathering in Atlanta to celebrate a "god event of Olympic proportions" (Don Teague, Atlanta) 7. "Fahrenheit 911": How truthful are Moore's assertions? (Lisa Meyers, Washington) 8. Jack Ryan has dropped out. 9. Where do the preparations stand for the Athens Olympics (Robert Hager, Athens) 10. A baker from Maine came up with the DaVinci Diet (Roger O'Neil, Portland, Maine.)


(John Roberts substitutes)

1. Five days till Sovereignty - Tracking Terrorists. (Kimberly Dozier, Baghdad) 2. Two U.S. soldiers killed in Afghanistan, one injured. 3. Bush in Ireland (Bill Plante, County Clare, Ireland) 4. Cheney's 4-letter word (Bob Orr, Washington) 5. Kerry rally in Ohio gives voters insight on Vice Presidential choices. (Jim Axelrod, Arie, Ohio) 6. Jack Ryan withdraws from Ill. Senate campaign. 7. Polio epidemic in Nigeria. (Gretchen Carlson, New York) 8. Schwarzenegger budget cuts include animal shelters. 9. Actual GDP rise is 3.9%, lower than 4.4% estimates last quarter. 10. Defective counterfeits (Jim Acosta, New York) 11. "Riding star" on motor bike racing (Cynthia Bowers, Pontiac, Michigan)

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