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Ten political questions to which you should want the answers:

1. What will the first post-Reagan ABC News/Washington Post numbers say tonight at 6:30 pm ET on World News Tonight with Peter Jennings?

2. Will the Bill Clinton and Michael Moore PR machines dovetail or clash?

3. Will any swing voters enter their polling places in November with the words "Halliburton," "Guantanamo," "Wilson," or "Dukakis" on their minds?

4. Will John Kerry choose from the Edwards/Gephardt/Vilsack list, or someone NOT from that list?

5. Which article more caught Karl Rove's eye: the USA Today story on how Clinton could impact the race for Arkansas electoral votes, or the Washington Post story about the mobilization of union foot soldiers in Pennsylvania?

6. Are the people in charge of compliance for the fundraising of Kerry campaign and the DNC re-looking at their procedures this Monday morning?

7. How much obsessing will NSC spokesguy (and People magazine "hot" bachelor) Jim Wilkinson do about the kicker quote in Al Kamen's column? ("'The guy is a PR genius. The fact that he could convince anyone that he is remotely hot is an impressive achievement,' said one Bush adviser.")

8. Just exactly when, FPPO, is that 9/11 report coming out, and, as Bill Safire points out, whatup with the commissioners acting like their staff is footloose and fancy free?

9. What does Jim Dyke think of the pure comedy of John Kerry going from Nantucket to Aspen?

10. Which gold medal-bound Olympic athletes are from swing states and who do they support for president?

Today, President Bush travels to Cincinnati for a 4:00 pm ET conversation on compassion and marriage in poor communities and a 6:10 pm ET fundraiser.

Sen. Kerry launches a week focusing on the economy and scientific research with a 5:00 pm ET Denver speech sandwiched between Aspen and Denver fundraisers.

Earlier, Vice President Cheney speaks about the economy in Henderson, Nev., at noon ET and then travels to Springfield, Mo., for a 5:50 pm ET campaign rally.

Ralph Nader announces his running mate at 1:00 pm ET at the National Press Club, Washington, D.C.

Along with Matthew Dowd and Susan Pinkus, we eagerly anticipate the release today of the latest ABC News-Washington Post poll on Iraq and politics.

This afternoon the Senate debates the defense budget bill -- the final vote is expected tomorrow.

We'll watch and wait to see if John Rowland is Connecticut's governor by day's end. LINK

The rest of this week . . .

On Tuesday former President Bill Clinton's book, "My Life," is released, and he appears on "Oprah" and signs books in New York. President Bush is at the White House and Sen. Kerry is in Albuquerque and San Francisco. Prison guard Lynndie England has an Article 32 hearing in Fort Bragg, N.C. for allegedly abusing Iraqi detainees. Teresa Heinz Kerry campaigns in Miami, and Laura Bush holds an online chat.

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