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"But what started as an effort to repeal a $5 billion-a-year subsidy has grown into one of the most significant corporate tax measures in years. The Senate bill, 980 pages long, includes more than $167 billion in business tax cuts over 10 years, handing out favors to NASCAR racetracks, foreign dog-race gamblers, Oldsmobile dealers and bow-and-arrow makers, to name a few. The centerpiece is a tax credit to effectively lower the tax rate on domestic manufacturing from 35 percent to 32 percent."

ABC News Vote 2004: casting and counting:

There are "minor technical hiccups" in the new touch-screen voting machines in 11 counties in Florida -- including the largest, Miami-Dade and Broward. The problems could make manual recounts impossible in November's presidential election, state officials say. Critics cry foul play to state officials who certified a voting system they knew had a bug. The AP reports the machines don't provide an electronic "event log" of voting activity. Officials with the company and the state Division of Elections say a possible fix is connecting the voting equipment to laptop computers. LINK


The Washington Post's James Grimaldi on Sunday looked at the campaign finance questions that appear to be raised regarding the relationship between Ralph Nader's presidential campaign and the public charity he created, Citizen Works. The campaign, located in the same Washington, D.C. offices as the charity, pays rent to Citizen Works, and while Theresa Amato, Nader's campaign manager, ostensibly resigned from Citizen Works in 2003, she was still listed as its president on its corporate filings from January. Nader says there is no commingling of funds between the campaign and the charity, but declined to provide detailed information about them. LINK

There's widespread pickup of the story, with Grimaldi's byline appearing in the Los Angeles Times, the Boston Globe, and even Kentucky's Lexington Herald Leader. Nader holds everything is on the up and up: "'You can search until kingdom come,' Nader says. 'You'll find no cross-subsidies here.'"

We wonder how much of a role Democratic oppo operatives -- not playing by Gore 2000 rules vis-a-vis Nader -- had in this one.

Nader shares a kind word for Ronald Reagan during his weekend campaign stint in Illinois: LINK

In keeping with his campus grassroots tradition, Ralph Nader held a two-hour session with about 80 people at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis over the weekend. LINK

Morning show wrap:

Weekend must-reads:

Nancy Gibbs writes in this week's Time about faith and the presidency -- from George Washington to George W. Bush and how it could play in this year's presidential election. LINK

"According to a [new] Time poll, those who consider themselves 'very religious' support Bush over John Kerry, 59% to 35%, while those who are 'not religious' favor Kerry, 69% to 22%. Asked if a President should be guided by his faith when making policy, 63% of Democrats say no while 70% of Republicans say yes."

Karen Tumulty writes up the Time poll's results in terms of whether Kerry's Catholicism, plagued by his battle with the bishops arguing he should not receive communion because of his abortion views, is enough for Americans. LINK

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