Evening Newscast Wrap

6. More Fighting in Najaf and Kufah (Jim Miklaszweski, Baghdad, PKG)

7. NBC In-Depth: Pakistani-British man trained by al Qaeda to hijack airplanes; FBI let him go (Lisa Meyers, London, PKG)

8. Oil Prices (Ann Thomson, New York)

9. Dow lost more than 67points (Brian Williams, New York)

10. Belmont Stakes-Smarty Jones (Bob Faw, Belmont, PKG)

11. D-Day Remembrance (Brokaw, Normandy, France)


1. Tenet's resignation (David Martin, Washington, PKG)

2. Did the White House give Tenet a push? (Wyatt Andrews, Washington, PKG)

3. Sadr attacks again, no casualties (Scott Pelley, New York)

4. Bush European tour drawing protests (Bill Plante, Rome, PKG)

5. "Swingtown USA" has growing doubts about Bush because of Iraq (Jim Axelrod, Allentown, Pa., PKG)

6. Bush confirms he has contacted a lawyer in Plame case (Scott Pelley, New York)

7. OPEC oil production (Scott Pelley, New York)

8. CBS honors fallen hero Chris Gelineau (Dan Rather, New York)

9. California ballot measure on stem cell research (Bill Whitaker, Los Angeles, PKG)

10. Prescription drug cards experience a drop in prices. (Scott Paley, New York)

11. Severe storms in Texas and Oklahoma (Scott Pelley, New York)

12. House votes to restrict sales of steroids, similar bill pending in Senate, what you should know about teens and steroids (Vince Gonzales, Plano, Texas)

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