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The Senator re-injured the shoulder, which had originally been damaged during a bicycle fall in Boston several years ago, aboard the "Real Deal Express" in Iowa in January.

Read more from the trail with Kerry on LINK

The Washington Times' editorial board reports on the "57 flavors of hypocrisy" surrounding Kerry and his wife Teresa Heinz, whose estimated $700 million from the ketchup fortune places the pair in the "lap of luxury" while the candidate seeks to "further exploit" certain political gains. LINK

On Sunday, the Los Angeles Times' Ralph Vartabedian and Lisa Getter looked at the relatively small contributions that Kerry made to technology policy from his perch on the Senate Commerce Committee. LINK

The Washington Post's Jim VandeHei reports that Kerry will have shoulder surgery this week and looks at the question as to whether the candidate has a "Cheney problem." LINK

Lloyd Grove reports that 75 of George "Pumping Iron" Butler's photographs of Kerry (taken over the last 35 years) will be available at a bookstore near you come Labor Day. And the campaign documentary is due out before the election too. LINK


The New York Post's Fred Dicker floats Mario Cuomo's name as a possible running mate for Kerry. LINK

"For his part, Cuomo, 72, said, 'I think they want someone who is younger, who doesn't come from the Northeast, who isn't as liberal as I am, and someone who could deliver a state.'"


Reminiscing fondly about the "Butt Men" (a group who, during the 1996 campaign dressed up as cigarettes to harass Bob Dole for his ties to the tobacco industry), the Chicago Sun Times' Laura Washington argues for a similar effort to stalk Ralph Nader. LINK

But perhaps neither Butt Men nor Chad Men will be necessary. The AP reports that Nader will meet with John Kerry next month to open a "second front" against Bush. LINK

Nader's 50-state ballot access goal could take a step forward in Oregon, where a quirky state law gives Nader a quick and dirty opportunity to get on the ballot there. Nader needs to get just 1,000 registered voters together in one place and sign their names on a petition. This should be a fairly easy task given Nader's strong 5 percent showing in Oregon in 2000. Nader plans an appearance in Portland on April 5. LINK

The Washington Times' Steve Miller Notes that Green Party advocate Peter Camejo claimed yesterday that voters have no choice without a strong third-party candidate while urging a crowd in the District to support Ralph Nader in his bid for the presidency. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: battlegrounds:

The AP reports of folks in Iowa wincing when they hear Democrats comparing President Bush and their hometown boy Herbert Hoover. LINK

Jennifer Garlesky of the Charleston Gazette reports on young voters acknowledging their voting power in West Virginia who, following Dean's exit from the Democratic candidate field, are left deciding between Bush, Kerry, and Nader in the upcoming general election. LINK

Amy Calder of the Kennebec Journal reports on the loss of manufacturing jobs in the state of Maine, which are not coming back following business consolidations, advances in technology, and cheap labor abroad that push manufacturing overseas. LINK

The Albuquerque Tribune's Shea Andersen reports on Gov. Richardson's involvement in an upcoming Democratic primary that could get ugly. LINK

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